Florida Leading the United States in Job Growth

On an economic front, the United States has been struggling significantly, due to the leadership of the current president. Biden is waging war on the private sector with COVID vaccine mandates and unemployment benefits.

Each of these measures keeps Americans out of the workforce at a time when they are so desperately needed. Additionally, inflation isn’t helping the economy and neither is the supply chain crisis.

The Biden administration has one excuse after the other; yet, at the end of the day, the American public very clearly sees what’s happening.

On numerous occasions, President Biden has tangled with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. However, DeSantis’ leadership in the Sunshine State is very clearly paying off, seeing as Florida’s job growth is outpacing job growth on a nationwide scale, per Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Job Growth in Florida

Last month, over 84,000 jobs were added to the Sunshine State. Governor DeSantis made this announcement late last week, noting the sizable percentage of jobs which this comprises of the national jobs report for September.

The Republican governor of Florida then declared that he’s committed to ensuring his state remains a great place for Americans to thrive and do well for themselves. On a similar note, DeSantis furthermore remains committed to fighting back against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates.

The DeSantis administration is looking at legal moves it can make to stop workers in Florida from being penalized and fired if they don’t take the COVID vaccine. Moreover, DeSantis has called upon the Florida state legislature to pass laws that would ban companies from implementing COVID vaccine mandates as employment conditions.

It is the view of the Florida governor that no one should be cast aside because of their medical choices. DeSantis has also noted in press conferences that Biden is trying to plunge into destitution the very same people who were lauded as heroes back in 2020.

A Beacon of Hope for the Nation

For Americans who cherish freedom, individual liberties, and choice, Florida largely stands as a beacon of hope for the nation. Amid the supply chain crisis, DeSantis announced Florida ports are open seven days per week and 24 hours per day.

This 24/7 operation of Florida ports is a model other states are beginning to implement as the supply chain faces serious setbacks and bottlenecks. Over the course of 2021, DeSantis has also enforced the ban against COVID vaccine mandates, fining counties that choose to implement such mandates anyway.

What do you think about the number of jobs Florida added to the economy last month? Do you think Florida will play an instrumental role in ending the United States’ current supply chain crisis? Let us know your predictions in the comments field below.