Florida Sheriff Has a Solution to Home Invasions

Crime is on the rise like never before in the United States. Some of the biggest reasons behind crime jumps are the defunding of law enforcement, low to no bail for dangerous offenders, and other soft-on-crime reforms.

In various communities, rapes, homicides, burglaries, and other acts of lawlessness are increasing. Gun ownership is likewise growing, as more Americans move to defend themselves from people who mean them harm.

At some point, if officials don’t take crime seriously (and if they interfere with police being able to work against crime), then it’s going to be up to each person to protect themselves.

This explains the latest comments from a police sheriff in Santa Rosa County, Florida, according to Breitbart News.

Putting an End to Home Invasions

This past Tuesday, Sheriff Bob Johnson of Santa Rosa County, Florida spoke about crime and home invasions.

Johnson explained his prior comments about “welcoming” people in Santa Rosa County to shoot intruders who decide to break into their homes. The sheriff noted that when homeowners shoot intruders, the chances of them reoffending go down to zero.

In previous remarks, Johnson also noted that by folks shooting intruders who break into their homes, they’re actually saving taxpayers a fair amount of money.

Later, the police sheriff stated anyone who chooses to break into homes in Santa Rosa County is essentially rolling the dice.

During a conversation with Fox & Friends, Johnson noted that he’s well-loved and appreciated in Santa Rosa County.

Reducing Crime Levels and More

The Santa Rosa County sheriff’s statements come as a reduction in crime is vastly needed. Democrats like Joe Biden have already framed the crime issue as a means to crack down on gun rights; however, this is not at all the thing to do.

Criminals are always going to have guns. If law-abiding citizens are without firearms, they will literally be sitting ducks, at the mercy of criminals. This is why Johnson said what he said about home invasions.

When someone’s home is being broken into, they have no idea what the intruder’s frame of mind could be or what their intentions are. People do have the right to defend themselves from harm, danger, and threats.

In the case of a home invasion, listening to the advice of the Santa Rosa County sheriff could save countless lives and even prevent future crimes.

There is a reason why the Second Amendment exists and why more people are turning to firearms in order to safeguard themselves and their families.

What do you think about the sheriff of Santa Rosa County, Florida calling for people to shoot intruders who break into their homes? Do you agree or disagree with this? Please let us know in the comments area below.