Florida’s DeSantis Trades Blows with the White House

Animosity between the White House and Florida continues to heat up. The Biden administration persists in taking potshots at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; meanwhile, this White House has many other matters it should be focusing on.

Earlier in the week, the feud between the Florida governor and the Biden administration escalated after the latter shut down access to monoclonal antibodies. This resulted in countless Floridians waking up to news that their healthcare appointments were cancelled.

Naturally, DeSantis had something to say about this. The Republican governor of Florida called out the Biden administration for the lack of clinical studies or data that is peer-reviewed to support claims that monoclonal antibody therapies don’t work.

This resulted in the White House attacking DeSantis via press secretary Jen Psaki. As Breitbart News covers, DeSantis didn’t take this laying down either; he quickly fired back.

DeSantis on Psaki and the Biden Administration

During a Miami roundtable conversation about monoclonal antibodies, DeSantis responded to Psaki, who frequently levies various criticism against him.

According to the Republican governor, Psaki is guilty of “lying through her teeth” each day when she holds press conferences.

Furthermore, DeSantis called out a series of Psaki’s lies, such as her insistence that DeSantis hasn’t advocated for COVID vaccines or used American Rescue Plan funds for school safety measures.

Towards the end of his remarks about the Biden administration in Miami, DeSantis stated that the White House’s assertions of mass adverse responses to monoclonal antibodies are not true.

While Psaki declared that DeSantis should focus on vaccines and boosters, rather than monoclonal antibody therapies, she left out the reality that many people getting monoclonal antibodies were already inoculated against COVID.

More on Florida

Since getting into office, the White House has chosen to attack Florida and its governor much more frequently than they have any other red state.

At the end of the day, this likely boils down to the Biden administration viewing DeSantis as the biggest political threat. However, instead of taking shots at the Sunshine State, this White House should be focused on finding solutions to the various problems they’ve created.

Some instances of these problems include higher prices, barren store shelves, a backlogged supply chain, and more.  While the Florida governor remains in a strong position to win re-election, Biden can’t say the same.

A new poll came out, showing that 55% of Americans don’t think it would be a good idea for Biden to seek a second term. Meanwhile, DeSantis is ahead in the polls of all Democrats in Florida who would like to have his job.

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