Florida’s First Lady Has a Very Important Message

Many Americans are very familiar with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Over the past 18 months, DeSantis has become a household name across the United States, due to his leadership in Florida.

It is because of DeSantis’ leadership that thousands of people are moving to the Sunshine State every day. The Florida governor’s leadership is also responsible for the state remaining free and not morphing into a communist regime like New York and California.

Earlier this month, Americans learned that Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis, wife to Governor DeSantis, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the weekend, the first lady of Florida spoke publicly, as Fox News documents.

A Message from Casey DeSantis

DeSantis spoke at a Hernando County GOP dinner on Saturday. During the Florida first lady’s remarks, she offered a message of hope and inspiration to residents of the Sunshine State.

DeSantis first noted that right now, there are many things Americans can be unsettled about; she then cited the current course of the nation as one example. However, immediately after, DeSantis encouraged Floridians to never give up. DeSantis herself also noted that she personally is not giving up.

Shortly before DeSantis spoke at the dinner, her husband noted that she’s doing well and staying strong. The remarks from the governor and first lady of Florida came after news that Mrs. DeSantis was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Right after the news became public earlier in the month, Governor DeSantis stated his wife is the “centerpiece” of his family and she maintains his full support. The Republican governor of Florida likewise described the first lady as a “true fighter.”

A Message from Governor DeSantis

DeSantis is continuing to lead the state of Florida. As of late, this has included pushing back against the radical tyranny coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Florida governor stated on multiple occasions he will not allow President Biden to rip jobs away from people.

Likewise, DeSantis maintains that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate doesn’t stand a chance of surviving the courts. Moreover, DeSantis confirmed this month that his administration is looking at actions to protect Floridians from losing their jobs if they choose not to take the COVID vaccine.

DeSantis also recently slammed Biden for alleging Americans shouldn’t permit COVID vaccine mandates to be divisive. The Florida governor explained that Biden is the one being divisive by threatening to rip away people’s livelihoods if they don’t take the COVID vaccine.

What do you think about Casey DeSantis’ message to the public about the importance of never giving up? Are you pleased with the leadership of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? We want to know your thoughts on this latest breaking news down below in the comments area.