Former Florida Governor Lays Out 2022 Strategy for Republicans

The 2022 midterm elections in America are precisely one year away. These races are serious business because they will determine the future trajectory of the United States.

Furthermore, the midterms will ascertain whether the country proceeds down the dangerous road President Biden has us on or whether we reject Biden and return back to freedom and America first.

After Republicans took back control of Virginia last week, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin is being heralded by conservatives as the blueprint the GOP must follow to win future elections.

Over the weekend, former Florida GOP Governor (and current U.S. Senator) Rick Scott weighed in on what is necessary for Republicans to win the 2022 midterms, as Newsmax documents.

Rick Scott on How Republicans Can Win 2022

While appearing on NBC News, the former Florida governor declared Republicans can win 2022 by focusing on policy issues, yet still accepting endorsements from former President Trump.

The GOP senator declared while Republicans can take Trump’s endorsements, the focus of conservative candidates’ campaigns needs to center on issues impacting Americans.

Scott also noted that as Democrats continue to focus on Trump and make him this boogeyman, Republicans who prioritize policies over re-litigating 2020 will ultimately win elections to come.

Furthermore, the senator declared Americans have grown disillusioned with Democrats defunding law enforcement, with the rise of inflation, and with the indoctrination of their children in schools.

Scott later made a point of noting that a Trump endorsement alone will not steer Republicans to victory. It’s ultimately going to boil down to connecting with voters on the issues in America.

Stopping the Biden Agenda

Winning the midterms in 2022 is critical to bringing a halt to President Biden’s agenda. This is an agenda that’s well-documented as devastating to the country.

Already, Americans are up against a litany of issues like inflation, open borders, supply chain delays, and more. The president and his administration are repeatedly failing to implement solutions.

With the Republican Party guiding Congress, Biden will not be able to force through dangerous legislation that only hurts Americans. Some very good news for the GOP going into the 2022 midterms is that the president’s approval ratings are exceedingly low in critical states.

All in all, Biden has shown the country his leadership entails confusion, crises, and calamity. The Virginia gubernatorial election last week was indeed a bellwether for what’s to arrive during the midterms in 2022.

If the Republican Party follows the advice of Sen. Rick Scott, focuses on issues impacting Americans, and models the campaign style of Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, conservative candidates will be unstoppable.

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