Fresh Scandal Over BLM Kneeling Triggers Legal Action in Virginia

Within recent years, the left-wing activist group known as Black Lives Matter has been facing a lot of scandals. Some of the recent scandals involve ambiguity over its handling of donation dollars and questions about how the group has really impacted social justice.

One of the key ideologies of BLM, however, is that kneeling should occur during the National Anthem. People who refuse to do this or push back in any way are often accused of being racists or bigots.

In Virginia, one college soccer player, Kierstien Hening, came under fire for declining to kneel in support of Black Lives Matter. Allegations from Hening have since emerged that she was benched, singled out, and harassed for her choice.

As a result, the college soccer player is now filing a lawsuit against her coach, Charles Adair, per Hot Air.

Everything Americans Should Know About This Situation

According to Hening’s versions of events, her soccer coach not only expected her to kneel before games were played, but he also wanted the back of the team’s jerseys to have a list of individuals who passed away amid confrontations with law enforcement.

After pushing back against this, Hening was called racist, targeted via social media, and eventually kicked off her team.

As a result of this, Hening is now suing Adair on the basis that he breached her First Amendment rights. In Virginia, a judge recently determined that Hening’s litigation can proceed to trial where she’ll have an opportunity to make her case before a jury.

Unfortunately, this sort of incident is not the first time that someone on a college campus has been singled out for failing to fall in line with the political left.

Not a Good Look For BLM

In the months ahead, Americans will hear more about this litigation in Virginia and whether or not Hening is able to win in court.

However, this entire situation poses another PR nightmare for BLM, albeit not as great as some of their other scandals. Many Americans, like Hening, do have disagreements with certain aspects of the movement.

A fair number of people who don’t feel comfortable kneeling before the flag and/or the National Anthem have their reasons as well. To write these folks off as racists who should be excluded from society is not only inaccurate, but also doesn’t make a very compelling case for BLM.

Though at the rate things are going, this organization may have more legal issues of its own, given the many unanswered questions about its handling of donations and follow through on particular commitments.

What do you think about this latest First Amendment case out of Virginia? Feel free to share in the comments area below how you believe this will play out.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.