Fresh Testimony Reveals New Updates About Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

In August 2021 and the time following this period, Joe Biden landed under well-deserved fire.

Backlash against the president came after his harebrained way of removing US troops from Afghanistan led to the death of 13 US soldiers, along with the Taliban gaining power over the country and access to American military-grade weapons.

Anger against Biden grew when he later described his manner of pulling out of Afghanistan as a “success.” Then, the president made things worse for himself when he was seen checking his watch at the funeral of one of the US soldiers who lost their lives in the bombing of the Kabul airport.

Now, new congressional testimony from Marine Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews is providing further insight into what happened, as reported by Fox News.

Heartbreaking Testimony from a US Marine

Vargas-Andrews was on the ground and serving at the time that Biden decided to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. According to the Marine, he was surrounded by the dead bodies of fellow troops and others who lost their lives after the Kabul airport was bombed.

However, many Americans were haunted by the part of Vargas-Andrews’ testimony that reveals he was barred from subduing the suicide bomber on the scene.

Even in the aftermath of the incident, the Marine says the FBI and various military higher-ups failed to take his reports of events.

To make matters worse, Vargas-Andrews’ testimony likewise informed the country that after the pullout from Afghanistan, the State Department declined to execute proper preparation and real-time responses to US forces and allies in Kabul.

Not a Success

When testifying before Congress, Vargas-Andrews made it crystal clear that in no way was Biden’s 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal a “success.” In fact, the US Marine described the entire incident as a “catastrophe” riddled with negligence and irresponsibility.

Vargas-Andrews then reiterated that no one has been made to answer for the 13 US servicemembers who lost their lives in the bombing of the Kabul airport.

Americans have taken to social media to weigh in with their thoughts about the Marine sergeant’s statements. Much of the nation was moved, once again calling for some real answers and accountability from the Biden administration.

Some critics even said the disastrous exit from Afghanistan back in 2021, especially the loss of life that happened in the process, is grounds enough for Biden to be impeached.

To this day, the president has never walked back his claim that the US troop removal from Afghanistan was a “success.”

Did you get a chance to view the testimony of Marine Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews? What do you think about the statements he made? You are more than welcome to sound off with your reactions to what he expressed in the comments section.