Fuming Putin Trolls America as His Botched War Turns Four Months Old

(Social media footage snapshot shows Russian workers changing the street sign in front of the US Embassy in Moscow)

Russia’s fuming evil dictator, Vladimir Putin, has turned to trolling the United States by targeting the US Embassy in Moscow.

Putin’s doing this with an administrative measure, while also taunting new nuclear missile attack threats, amid huge losses for Russians and two fresh Ukrainian blows to his war machine.

Putin’s War Flopped Big Time

Four months ago, the Moscow autocrat shocked the world by launching a full-scale attack against Ukraine.

Ukraine’s decision to fight to the death, if needed, has proven well-justified after the liberation of some occupied Ukrainian lands laid bare horrifying war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This is reported in cities such as Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, and hundreds of others.

Aided by meager, yet vital, supplies of superior western weaponry, Ukrainians have managed to inflict shocking losses upon Russia.

Russia’s equipment losses are particularly striking. The number of destroyed Russian tanks surpassed the 1,500 milestone for the first time, with 1,504 destroyed.

Besides those, Putin’s “grand army” lost a stupefying 3,632 armored personnel carriers, 2,548 trucks, jeeps, and much, much more.

(Social media footage snapshot of Putin’s latest public speech)

Putin Renames US Embassy’s Street After Cannon Fodder in Ukraine

Putin resorted to ludicrous administrative measures to troll America. The authorities in the Russian capital, on Wednesday, changed the name of the street where the US Embassy in Moscow is located.

They renamed it after one of the two Putin proxy states in parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia since 2014, the Donetsk People’s Republic. Its male residents are presently conscripted and constantly tossed into battle as cannon fodder.

Thus, from now on, the US Embassy in Russia’s capital stands at 1Donetsk People’s Republic Square. Before the change, the address used to be 8 Bolshoi Devyatinsky Lane.

The Moscow City Council claimed at least 280,000 Moscow residents supported the change of the street name in a public vote.

Putin’s regime is thus copying a western, anti-dictatorial tactic where a number of western nations have been renaming streets of respective Russian embassies after Russian opposition figures, or, more recently, after “heroes of Ukraine.”

Back in 2018, Washington, DC renamed a street at the Russian Embassy to “Boris Nemtsov.” He was a very prominent Russian opposition politician and Putin critic who was gunned down in the street outside the Kremlin, back in 2015.

Meanwhile, in a speech on Wednesday, in which he lauded Russian monsters invading Ukraine for “fighting like heroes,” Putin made fresh nuclear war threats against America and its allies, as cited by The Daily Mail.

He threatened the new Russian nuclear missile, Sarmat II, also known as Satan II, is going to be deployed before the end of this year.

Putin’s regime propaganda has been touting the new missile, which is said to be able to destroy the UK in three minutes, as a great weapon to obliterate the “rotting West.”