Gas Prices Aren’t Going Down Anytime Soon

For months on end now, the country has been faced with gas prices that are much higher than they were prior to Biden taking office.

The high gas prices are not just a consequence of inflation, but they also pertain to Biden’s aggression against domestic energy production, along with his onslaughts against oil drilling.

When Trump was president, the United States was comfortably cruising towards energy independence, all while not having to spend an arm and a leg at the gas pumps. Biden made sure to completely reverse this.

Unfortunately, what Americans are seeing happening with gas prices isn’t just a flash in the pan. In light of all that’s going on, everyone should get used to spending much more on gas than they have before, as Breitbart News covers.

Shockingly High Gas Costs in the United States

Biden has tried any and everything to escape accountability for the strain he’s putting on everyday Americans’ wallets; however, the reality is that the buck stops with him.

Thanks to the president’s sitting vendetta against the fossil fuel industry, oil fees are inching towards $100 for just one barrel. If (or rather, when) oil barrels surpass $100 each, then Americans will be paying at least $3.75 per gallon when they fill up their gas tanks.

This could happen as early as March. Meanwhile, since Biden crippled domestic energy production, he’s forced to turn to overseas production from the likes of OPEC.

Unfortunately, OPEC is outrightly ignoring the president’s ultimata for higher levels of energy generation. Needless to say, an easy remedy to this would be getting out of the way of energy production here in the United States.

Biden’s refusal to do this only causes problems for everyone.

Another Strike Against Democrats

As the midterm elections get closer, Biden’s absolute bungling of energy and oil production is just yet another strike against the Democrat Party.

The reality is that right now, gas prices, and just about everything else, remain higher than they’ve been for quite some time. The last thing anyone wants or needs is to pay even more money at the gas pump simply because of Biden’s vendetta against fossil fuels.

As Americans are shelling out more money, this won’t be something Democrats can wipe away or make people forget about. Biden is the president Democrats put in office and 99% of Democrats have been fully supportive of all his disastrous policies.

At the end of the day, elections have ramifications; although, when it’s all said and done, Democrats may live to regret putting Biden into the White House as president.

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