Gas Prices Higher Than They’ve Been in Years

For months on end, an inflation crisis has been raging throughout the United States. Americans are seeing the cost of everything go up across the board; meanwhile, the spending power of the U.S. dollar just keeps on draining.

At the end of the day, this ultimately boils down to the spending choices of President Biden. Earlier this year, the president and Democrat lawmakers forced through the so-called American Rescue Plan, ignoring conservatives and Republicans who sounded the alarm about it.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Everything comes with a cost, even when that cost is not readily apparent. Americans are now witnessing this play out in real time.

Furthermore, Breitbart News is now confirming that the current prices of gas are higher than they’ve been in years.

Record High Prices in Gas

Earlier this year, Americans faced a gas shortage, thanks to an attack on U.S. fuel. It was not a good situation and drove Americans to the point of lining up at gas stations nationwide and even pouring fuel into plastic bags.

Now, a CNBC report confirms the American public is paying prices for gas that haven’t been seen in the last seven years. This serves as an offshoot of the inflation crisis created by the president and the administration backing him in the White House.

CNBC also reveals that demand for petroleum sunk during 2020, as most people remained home and traveled far less frequently. However, even though demand is now much higher than it was a year ago, there are still struggles with supplies.

Low supply and high demand shakes out to higher prices. This is just basic economics 101; however, it’s something Biden and the Democrat Party continue to ignore for their own gain. Meanwhile, the American public is seeing and living with it every single day.

Holding the Left Accountable

The president and leftist lawmakers must be held accountable for how their terrible policies and spending packages are hurting the nation. This isn’t something that can simply be erased or swept under the rug.

Biden’s approval numbers continue to tank as time passes. Furthermore, he’s polling increasingly worse with Independent voters who aren’t pleased with the scenarios unfolding before them.

However, with the midterms getting closer and closer, one of the best ways to hold the left accountable means voting Republicans back into the Senate and House majorities. With this president in office, it is vital for the GOP to control Congress so they can stop Biden from ruining America.

What do you think about the rise of gas prices throughout the nation? Do you think the prices of gas are going to keep getting more expensive as time passes? Let us know below in the comments section.