Generic 2022 Midterms Election Ballot Isn’t Looking Good for Democrats

Months ago, Democrats jumped for joy when they gained dominance in Congress and took the White House back from Republicans. Leftists clearly saw this as a victory and interpreted this as their cue to move ahead doing whatever they please.

Just some of what Democrats have done over the past year is enable illegal immigration, push unpopular medical mandates on workers, drive up prices of goods/services, and more.

To most Americans, it’s very clear the country cannot keep going down this current track. That’s why 71% of Americans don’t favor the trajectory America is on right now.

To top it all off, a recent generic election ballot is showing just how poorly Democrats are doing, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Sign of What’s to Come in the 2022 Midterms

According to a Scott Rasmussen survey, 41% of voters maintain their ballots would be cast for Republicans. Meanwhile, just 40% said the same thing about Democrats.

Meanwhile, 13% of those polled by Scott Rasmussen stated they were uncertain about who they’d cast their vote for. This leaves another 5% who told the pollster they’d vote for a candidate that was neither Republican nor Democrat.

Meanwhile, back in April, Democrats were leading Republicans in a generic ballot by 4%. It’s very obvious that as time goes on, more voters are seeing the leadership of the Democrat Party is not taking the nation in a positive direction.

Polling has consistently shown the Democrat Party losing support. A very obvious sign of this arrived last Tuesday, when Glenn Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race and went on to become the governor-elect.

Democrats in Panic Ahead of 2022

Before the public and on the record, Democrats are trying to play it cool and appear unphased. However, behind the scenes, Democrats are worried about what the midterm elections have in store for them.

A former Obama aide recently said during an interview that Democrats cannot let Republicans become the party of parents. Likewise, House Democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez declared if nothing changes, Democrats should be concerned about 2022.

All of this comes as the president’s support and approval ratings fall below 40%. Vice President Kamala Harris is in an even more unfavorable position, with less than 30% of the country approving of the job she’s doing.

Democrats may not want to admit this on the record; however, it’s becoming very apparent the Biden administration isn’t doing them any favors. It certainly didn’t help Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.

Now, an increasing number of Democrats are worried McAuliffe’s defeat last week is bound to repeat itself for the left in future elections.

Do you believe Democrats are on a fast track to losing the 2022 midterm elections? Let us know what you think lies ahead in the comments section.