George Floyd Protesters About to Receive $6M!

Back in 2020, when the George Floyd protests took the nation by storm, no one could’ve imagined the effects those events would have on the present day. Here we are, living in a world where BLM is hailed as the savior of minority groups.

However, that’s not even the most backward thing happening lately. It’s been revealed that New York City will pay $6 million to the protesters that were maced or physically injured during the Mott Haven protests.

Stay woke, get maced, profit?

If the settlement does get approved by a federal judge, each and every last one of the 300-man woke mobsters that stormed New York’s streets will receive upwards of $21,500, the most awarded to a single person over a class-action case related to mass arrests.

The lawsuit claims the protesters were assaulted and trapped by police officers during the summer of 2020 when former Mayor DeBlasio imposed a curfew to prevent any further damage to local businesses.

This means that on top of all the looting that the opportunistic protesters did, the city of New York will now be handing out checks to these criminals for not respecting a curfew that they were perfectly aware of.

Of course, the class action also argues the actions of the NYPD were too aggressive and were a violation of the “peaceful” protesters’ rights.

It’s coming out of your pocket

Sadly, the NYPD also caved to the immense pressure of the woke mob, stating they’ve done a lot of work in the past 2.5 years and they’ve re-envisioned their tactics for dealing with large-scale demonstrations.

Essentially, what this means is that New York’s police have gone soft, at least when they’re supposed to be dealing with the left-leaning folk; whereas the rest of us will probably get the standard baton and mace treatment, regardless of what we do.

Just remember, as long as you’re wearing a BLM shirt, law enforcement will give you a warning, or worst case scenario, a slap on the wrist. If you claim George Floyd to be a hero while you’re interacting with the police officer, they may just give you a medal.

Seriously though, awarding over $20,000 to each of these violent protesters after all the damage they’ve caused is absurd; that’s if we ignore the additional $25,000 for those who received legal summons.

Naturally, all of this money is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets. All of your hard-earned money will soon be in the hands of these no-good, opportunistic commie-lovers who would chant just about anything as long as it supports the agenda that was forced onto them.

Hilariously enough, the left is willing to idolize communism as the optimal governing system, knowing full well that behavior like this would’ve been shut down in a matter of seconds by a communist regime’s policing and law enforcement.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.