Georgia 2022 Governor’s Race Heating Up

In the state of Georgia, the battle over who will become the next governor is very much alive and well.

Brian Kemp, the incumbent Republican governor, is running for another term. Kemp says he can build off the momentum from his current term.

Meanwhile, David Perdue, a Republican and former senator, is working to oust Kemp during the GOP primary election. Perdue says Kemp is a failed leader with a poor track record who’s lost faith from Georgians.

On the Democratic side, Stacey Abrams is running to get into the governor’s mansion. It’s worth noting that Abrams ran in the 2018 gubernatorial election as well, yet failed to defeat Kemp.

In the latest news, David Perdue has come out swinging against Abrams, branding her as hypocritical and fraudulent, according to Breitbart News.

The Fox News Interview

Over the weekend, Perdue spoke with Fox News regarding his candidacy in the Georgia gubernatorial election. The former senator did not hold back at all; he labeled Abrams as a “fraud” who will never become the governor of his state.

Perdue declared the extent to which Abrams has lied about election security bills passed in Georgia and in other states. Abrams repeatedly joins Democrats in blindly deeming these bills as voter suppression, despite the lack of supporting evidence.

This criticism comes days after Perdue called out Abrams for doing a maskless photo-op as she was surrounded by schoolchildren who are forced to wear masks all day. This rubbed people the wrong way, in light of Abrams’ documented advocacy for mask mandates.

Abrams has since claimed that criticism from the GOP towards her is about racism and attacks on Black History Month.

The Kemp Campaign

The incumbent Georgia governor’s campaign has been largely focused on why he should be re-elected. Currently, Kemp is going across the state of Georgia, campaigning on the ground, and working to connect with voters.

Kemp likewise called out Abrams for her hypocrisy on face coverings. The Georgia governor, like most other Republicans, believes that parents should get the final word on whether or not their children have to wear masks while in school.

Thus far, the Georgia governor has taken considerably fewer shots at Perdue than the other way around. However, a Kemp campaign official did brand Perdue’s candidacy as an attempt to boost his ego, rather than serve the people of Georgia.

In the weeks to come, Georgians can expect more clashes between both Republicans vying for the GOP nomination.

What do you think about the intensifying governor’s race in Georgia? Do you think Brian Kemp or David Perdue will walk away with the Republican nomination? We’d very much love to read your thoughts about this in the comments section.