Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate David Perdue Gives New Interview

One week ago, former Republican Sen. David Perdue jumped into the gubernatorial election.

Perdue, in his announcement video, explained as governor he would eradicate state income tax, empower parents to be involved in their kids’ education, fight for the security of elections, and more.

The former senator also stated that while he has nothing against current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, he doesn’t think Kemp can conquer Abrams in 2022. Abrams also recently announced her candidacy in the Georgia gubernatorial election.

Democrats are highly likely to nominate her to face whichever Georgia Republican wins the state’s GOP primary. Perdue believes he is the candidate who can defeat Abrams and save Georgia from turning completely blue.

In a new interview with Breitbart News, Perdue spoke more about his campaign as a Georgia gubernatorial candidate.

Reviewing David Perdue’s Interview with Breitbart

While speaking with Breitbart News, David Perdue stressed the incredibly unfavorable position Georgia will find itself in should Stacey Abrams become governor.

The businessman turned GOP gubernatorial candidate noted how Abrams has openly discussed giving illegal immigrants voting rights, striking down voter ID laws, etc.

Perdue also made it clear that if Democrats succeed in making these reforms legal in Georgia, Republicans will never win another election in the state.

After talking about the danger of Abrams getting into the governor’s mansion, Perdue divulged more of why he believes Kemp isn’t the candidate who can take Abrams on and win.

Perdue’s outlook is that during the 2020 presidential election, Governor Kemp surrendered the electoral procedure to Abrams and has furthermore lost the confidence of Georgia Republicans.

Finally, the former senator stressed that he personally likes the Georgia governor, but doesn’t think he has what it takes to unite the GOP. Perdue opined if Kemp was able to unite Georgia Republicans, it would have happened already.

An Intense Primary Election

Judging from what’s already ensued in Georgia politics, there’s no doubt the 2022 gubernatorial race will be intense and intriguing. Thus far, Perdue has managed to get the endorsement of Trump who believes he should be the GOP nominee.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Georgia governor also released some thoughts about Perdue’s candidacy. Kemp’s team argued that since Perdue failed to stop Democrat Jon Ossoff from becoming a senator, he’s in no position to defeat Abrams.

Team Kemp also accused Perdue of running in the Georgia gubernatorial race to stroke his own ego, rather than to serve the people of the Peach State.

What do you think of the interview Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate David Perdue gave to Breitbart News? Do you think Perdue will be the one to face Stacey Abrams in the Georgia governor’s race? In the comments section below, we’d love to learn your thoughts.