Georgia Likely to Become the Next Constitutional Carry State

Support for constitutional carry is gaining momentum across the United States. In present day, more people are warming up to the belief that carrying a firearm should be permitted without someone having to go to the state for a permit.

Despite Democrats rallying quite hard against constitutional carry, the latter is clearly winning out. Multiple states today are constitutional carry states; meanwhile, some states that have yet to embrace constitutional carry are in the process of doing so.

In Florida, there’s been increasing support for constitutional carry. Meanwhile, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis already said if the state legislature passes constitutional carry, he’ll sign it into law.

On top of this, it’s looking like Georgia will become one of the next constitutional carry states, as explained by Breitbart News.

What to Know About Constitutional Carry in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, a bill that would no longer require residents to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to carry a firearm has already been passed in the Senate. Now, the next move is for the legislation to make its way through the House of Representatives.

As things currently stand, constitutional carry is coming along well in the Peach State. Republican Governor Brian Kemp, similarly to his Florida counterpart, confirmed that he’ll sign constitutional carry into law if the state legislature passes it.

As Georgia Republicans are very much pleased with the positive headway on constitutional carry, Georgia Democrats are enraged over it.

Democrats in Georgia continue to argue that constitutional carry would merely enable a “bloody trail” of various injuries stemming from “gun violence.”

The Critical Defense of Gun Rights

With a little under half of all states recognizing constitutional carry, much of the nation is supportive of having the right to carry without a permit recognized in more states.

This is viewed by conservatives as critical in the defense of gun rights. What’s ironic is the same Democrats opposing constitutional carry on the basis of it supposedly leading to more violence don’t hold this view about defunding the police or giving criminal offenders low/no bail.

Ironically, it is left-wing, soft-on-crime policies that have created a greater need for people to be able to personally defend themselves and their families with the use of firearms.

Democrats can’t have their cake and eat it too. They can’t scream that constitutional carry will lead to more violence, while also calling for the defunding of law enforcement and lenient treatment of criminals.

What do you think about Georgia making positive strides towards getting constitutional carry passed once and for all? Which states do you think will be next to let people carry firearms without having to get a permit from the government?