Georgia Residents No Longer Need Permits to Carry Firearms

Since Biden got into office, he’d been looking at various ways to pick apart Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Just earlier this week, the president announced strict measures against ghost guns. During this announcement, Biden also made a series of dishonest claims about firearms in general.

Then, again, this is the same president who claimed that handguns are “weapons of war” that can carry dozens of ammunition rounds.

However, as the White House wages warfare against gun rights, Second Amendment supporters are fighting back. Under the Biden presidency, nine different states have passed constitutional carry laws.

This week, Georgia became the latest state to legalize constitutional carry, bringing the total number of constitutional carry states to 25, per Breitbart News.

A New Milestone for Gun Rights in America

As the Georgia state legislature worked on passing a constitutional carry bill, Republican Governor Brian Kemp committed to signing it into law.

On Tuesday, the Georgia governor followed through.

During the signing ceremony, Kemp stated the passage of constitutional carry empowers law-abiding Georgians to protect themselves without having to get a stamp of approval from the state government.

Later, Kemp affirmed that Americans’ right to carry a firearm comes from the United States Constitution, rather than a permit issued by state-level governments.

Georgia becoming the nation’s 25th constitutional carry state has been largely celebrated by the guns rights movement and supporters of the Second Amendment in general.

Other states, such as Florida, currently have constitutional carry bills in the works as well. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, like Kemp, committed to signing this legislation into law if it reaches his desk.

Rising Support for Second Amendment Rights

Under the Biden administration, America has become more dangerous, especially when it comes to crime.

This has caused more and more Americans to purchase firearms, take firearms training classes, and even apply for concealed carry permits in states that have yet to acknowledge constitutional carry.

Despite Democrats repeatedly railing against gun rights, they’ve inadvertently revealed the importance of Americans being able to protect themselves.

Between police being defunded and fired, criminals being let out without bail, and prisons being opened up like it’s nothing, more people are choosing to embrace self-protection with firearms.

As the Biden administration and other Democratic officials continue to support policies that put public safety in danger, they shouldn’t be shocked to see more momentum in the guns rights movement.

Amid the new milestone in Georgia, many conservatives are looking forward to additional states embracing constitutional carry.

Are you pleased that residents of Georgia no longer need to turn to the state government for a permit in order to carry a firearm? Let us know your take on constitutional carry down below in the comments area.