GOP Lawmaker Backs Pence Over 2020 Election Certification Disputes

Within the past couple of weeks, there’s been renewed controversy pertaining to the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

To this day, there are some people who believe former Vice President Mike Pence, as president of the Senate, had the power to unanimously throw out votes that some folks viewed as fraudulent.

There are also some views which assert that Pence could have overturned the outcome of the 2020 presidential election entirely.

Former President Trump has espoused these views. However, earlier this month, Pence fought back. Pence declared Trump’s belief that he could have overturned the 2020 election as president of the Senate is “wrong.”

Later, the former vice president explained the notion of a singular person getting to determine an election outcome is inherently “un-American.” Pence also noted that when Biden is defeated in the 2024 presidential election, Vice President Harris won’t have the reach to overturn votes.

Since this, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio has weighed in with his thoughts on the matter, as covered by Breitbart News.

The Reality of US Presidential Elections

While speaking with Face the Nation, Sen. Rubio was directly asked about the contrast between Pence and Trump’s statements regarding the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

The Florida GOP senator remarked that he’d looked into the issue. Rubio also, like Pence, declared that vice presidents do not have the authority to just not certify an election.

Likewise, Rubio noted what a precedent that would set in the future. The lawmaker pointed out that if Pence did have the power that Trump mentioned, then in 2024, when Biden is voted out by the public, Harris could simply refuse to certify the election.

Later in Rubio’s interview on Face the Nation, he also talked about matters dealing with the supply chain, China, and more.

Future Elections to Focus on

With the 2020 presidential election being nearly two years behind, many Republicans are focusing on both the midterms and the multiple governor’s races happening in the United States.

These elections are going to have significant effects on America and the leadership structures at state and federal levels. Likewise, the ways in which Biden’s chosen to lead as president are already having influences on these races.

Multiple Democrats running in state elections and the midterms are conveniently finding ways not to be publicly associated with Biden.

This could have to do with his net negative approval ratings in so many states; it may also be driven by the reality that most Americans do not approve of Biden or the current direction of the nation.

Do you agree with Sen. Marco Rubio stating that vice presidents do not, in fact, have the authority to refuse to certify US elections? In the comments section below, please share your thoughts with us.