Gun Control Narrative Faces a Hard Rejection in Iowa

Whenever tragedy strikes, leftists immediately jump at the opportunity to advocate for more gun control.

Despite various background checks, waiting periods, and other “gun control” measures that are currently on the books, the Democrat Party never seems to think it’s enough.

In fact, the modern-day left has yet to see a single gun control measure that they think goes too far or infringes upon lawful Americans’ right to bear arms.

Therefore, much of the nation believes the endgame of the gun control movement is to abolish Americans’ ability to own guns, along with the Second Amendment itself.

Following an Iowa high school shooting earlier this month, Democrats quickly rallied for gun control. However, Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds quickly shut this down, as documented by Breitbart News.

Governor Reynolds on Gun Control in Iowa

In the wake of the shooting at East High School, six different teenagers are facing criminal charges and one teen was, unfortunately, a casualty of the tragedy.

When Governor Reynolds spoke about gun control, she made some key points very clear. For starters, the guns used in the shooting at East High School earlier this month were not legally obtained.

This, in and of itself, puts to bed the left-wing narrative claiming that more gun control laws would have prevented the shooting on the 7th. Secondly, the Iowa governor noted that children are getting let down by the existing educational system.

Reynolds then called for some changes to be made to the educational system, along with measures to keep children in school where they belong.

The Fallacy of Gun Control

There is no denying that last Monday’s school shooting in Iowa was horrific. However, this does not justify putting in more aimless gun control reforms, especially when the ones on the books clearly don’t work.

Furthermore, cities across the nation (Chicago, New York City, etc.) have very hardcore gun control laws on the books; yet, these don’t cut back on murders, shootings, or other crimes being committed.

The entire gun control narrative is based on the misconception that guns are intrinsically the problem in society. In actuality, it is the individuals who choose to use guns for nefarious deeds who are the problems.

The reality of Iowa’s school shooters getting firearms illegally just goes to show that there are always going to be bad people who get their hands on guns.

Therefore, it’s imperative for Iowa and other states across the nation to empower law-abiding citizens to also have guns and be in the position to defend themselves and their loved ones.

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