Gun Control Supporters Turning on Biden

Gun control is becoming more and more unpopular in the United States. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the increases in American citizens who are going out and purchasing firearms.

Many gun buyers have never owned a firearm before and are now choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights granted by the United States Constitution.

To make things even worse for the gun control crowd, many first-time gun owners over the past few years have been women and people of color; these are the groups which gun control supporters tend to target in their crusade against the Second Amendment.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that in the battle of pro-gun vs. anti-gun, the latter is clearly losing. In light of this, gun control supporters are now beginning to turn against President Biden, as confirmed by Newsmax.

Understanding Gun Control Supporters’ Frustrations with Biden

To make a long story short, gun control supporters believe that Biden should be taking greater measures to stomp all over Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms.

They’ve noted their “surprise” regarding the perceived lack of action from Biden regarding guns in the United States. Gun control supporters have moreover opined that the 46th president didn’t take a strong enough stance following the November school shooting in Michigan.

Going forward, those behind the gun control movement are hoping Biden will affirm via his actions that he’s an ally to the cause.

Several months ago, the president did attempt to pass anti-gun orders via executive action; however, state GOP leaders quickly stepped in, blocking these measures from being enforced.

Since then, Biden’s redirected his attention towards opening the southern border, forcing through ineffective, unlawful mandates, and ramming spending bills into law.

No Happy Ending for the Gun Control Crowd?

Whether gun control supporters realize it or not, they’ve been directly working against their own cause. It’s no coincidence that the people fully on board with gun control are also advocates of defunding the police, doing away with cash bail, and releasing criminals from prison.

Policies like these make the case for why lawful, individual gun ownership is so important. Threats to public safety over the past almost two years have furthermore been a factor in the rise of gun sales.

The arguments for gun control never really held water; however, in light of what’s happening in this country right now, the anti-gun arguments coming from the left are flimsier and weaker than they’ve ever been.

What are your thoughts about the annoyance gun control supporters are directing towards Joe Biden? Do you believe people who support gun control have been working against their own cause by backing additional policies that threaten public safety? We’d like to get your feedback in the comments area.