Half of US Citizens Now Want Joe Biden Impeached

Since 2021, there have been renewed calls for Joe Biden to be impeached and thrown out of the White House.

Calls for Biden’s impeachment truly took a turn after his bungled removal of American troops from Afghanistan. This removal was haphazard, led to the comeback of the Taliban, and moreover engendered the violent demise of 13 servicemembers.

Biden’s dereliction of duty on the southern border is another issue that’s caused rising calls for Congress to impeach him.

The 46th president has done absolutely nothing as illegal immigration rises, along with drug trafficking, human trafficking, and other atrocities at the southern border.

Now, a new poll indicates that five out of ten Americans favor the impeachment of the current president, according to Breitbart News.

Reviewing Support for Impeaching Biden

Rasmussen Reports provided some very illuminating insight when it comes to what the nation thinks about impeachment. While 50% of the nation supports Biden’s impeachment, only 45% of the country has the opposite perspective.

Of the half of Americans who support Biden being impeached from office, one-third “strongly” favor his impeachment.

In an intriguing twist, 50% of African-American voters prefer Biden’s impeachment, as do 34% of Democrat voters.

Republicans have indicated that if they take back control of Congress, impeachment is likely imminent. Sen. Ted Cruz especially made mention of this last month, noting Biden’s abandonment of the US southern border and absent enforcement of US immigration laws.

Understanding the Growing Outrage Towards Biden

The only shocking thing about 50% of the country supporting the president’s impeachment is that the number isn’t higher.

Biden’s leadership has led to rising gas prices, decreased wages, a disrupted supply chain, rampant illegal immigration, unchecked drug trafficking on the southern border, and more.

Meanwhile, as more backlash against the 46th president rises, he appears genuinely oblivious. Last month, Biden had the audacity to declare before the nation that he’s actually “outperformed” as president.

Biden also stated he doesn’t believe the polls showing rising discontent with his presidency are accurate. At the rate this president is going, more Americans are going to turn against him.

There’s no shock that half the nation wants Biden impeached. It’s also not a surprise to see polls showing that Democrats are heading towards massive losses concerning the congressional races in November.

If there is anything Biden has done since getting into the White House, he’s presented the ideal case study for why having Democrats in power is a terrible idea. The sooner they — and Biden — are out of office, the better off America will be.

What do you think about this new poll showing that half of Americans want Joe Biden to be impeached? Let us know in the comments area below if you think Biden should be removed from office.