Heavy Spending Catching Up to US Federal Government

Since the Biden administration got into office, the federal government has spent trillions upon trillions of dollars. This level of spending, as so many fiscal conservatives have warned, is not sustainable.

Money does not grow on trees. Likewise, every time the federal government prints more money, they devalue the dollars that are currently in circulation. This, in turn, leads to a vicious cycle of inflation and a declining economy.

Despite warnings from economists, fiscal conservatives, and even the Congressional Budget Office, leftist leaders are bound and determined to spend money like there’s no tomorrow. Currently, Breitbart News reports the federal government will run out of funds altogether in about 72 hours.

Keeping the Federal Government Funded

It’s important to note as the federal government prepares to run out of money entirely, this comes on the heels of Democrats controlling Congress and passing a litany of spending bills.

Amid this impending crisis, congressional Democrats are likewise trying to get Build Back Better, another trillion-dollar spending package, onto Biden’s desk. However, to keep the federal government funded, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer is imploring GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell to agree to pass a measure.

Schumer wants this measure passed tomorrow, in order to ensure the federal government remains funded through the better part of January 2022. Thus far, McConnell has not agreed to this and no such measure is in effect.

Already, other Democrats in the Senate are taking shots at Republicans in the media over the impending loss of federal government cash flow. Democrats want the nation to believe Republicans intentionally aim for the federal government to run out of money in order to make Joe Biden look bad.

A Reality Check

Despite their best efforts, there is no way Democrats can pin this impending crisis on the backs of Republicans. Months ago, the GOP warned against extravagant spending bills that run up the nation’s deficit.

Republicans have consistently called this out, speaking about the dangers of spending; yet, time after time, Democrats have chosen not to listen. Republicans are not required to come to the rescue of Democrats and bail them out.

Biden and congressional Democrats keep claiming their actions are all in league with building back better. Yet, when the federal government is 72 hours away from being out of money entirely, there’s nothing “better” about this.

The federal government cannot keep spending money and then lying to Americans and claiming it’s all paid for. If, in fact, the federal government does completely run out of money later this week, the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of Democrats.

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