Homeless Woman in Portland Breaks Into a Family Home and Sleeps in Child’s Bed

"Project 365 #186: 050717 I Don't Want To Go To Bed" by Pete

One Portland mother was in for a shock when she came home to find a homeless woman sleeping in her son’s bed. Before she could even come to her senses and get all her ducks in a row, the Portland DA set the woman free.

Kelsey Smith, the victim of this home-invading vagrant, left her front door unlocked so the contractors doing repairs on her house would have easy access, but security footage showed something much more concerning.

“Through the baby monitor” by Wade Armstrong

Woke policies continue to wreak havoc in the US

The 54-year-old homeless woman, Lynn Zinser, casually waltzed into the house, plopping herself down on the Smith family’s son’s bed. She hid under a pair of sheets, only to be discovered by Kelsey, who initially assumed her husband was playing a joke on her.

The boy’s room had a camera set up for medical purposes, as the 10-year-old child needs to be watched at all times. Even though there’s conclusive evidence of Zinser invading someone else’s home, justice was not served.

When Kelsey discovered the woman inside her house, she demanded that she leave immediately, with the commotion causing Kelsey’s neighbors to call 911.

After this, Zinser was arrested on burglary and harassment charges, only to be released the day after by Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt.

When she tried to get in touch with the DA’s office, Kelsey was told the charges have been dropped and she can leave a message for Schmidt. Two days later, she was still waiting for a reply.

District attorney’s office refuses to reply to the concerned mother

When pressed on the matter by local news sources, Smith stated she believes someone at the office heard the message and decided not to get back to her. She doesn’t understand why the homeless woman who entered her house isn’t in jail.

Had the boy been in his room at the time when Zinser decided personal boundaries are no longer a thing, he could’ve been permanently scarred by the stranger entering his house unannounced.

Fox News Digital discovered Zinser was released under a “court-ordered release” and her bail was set at $0, with the DA’s office leaving no comment on the developments.

The idea that someone can just casually enter your house and walk away with no repercussions is absurd. Had the woman become violent, forcing Kelsey to defend herself, chances are she’d be the one in court, rather than the home invader.

Liberal policies have practically decriminalized crime at this point. With their constant push for the defunding of the police, there’s no telling what’s in store for law-abiding, hardworking Americans.

Keep your doors locked and your children safe, because the law is no longer on your side, at least in blue states where being “woke” takes precedence over justice being served.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.