Homophobic Pornstar Dad Of Mass Shooter Speaks

Former mixed martial artist Aaron Brink made the reprehensible remarks about his son, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, who is suspected of killing five people at Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ-friendly Club Q.

In an ugly homophobic outburst, the father of a suspect accused of killing five people in a gay bar expressed joy that his child is not homosexual.

Glad His Son Isn’t Gay?

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22 years old, is suspected of killing five individuals at Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ-friendly Club Q.

Aaron Brink, the father of the alleged gunman, has spoken publicly for the first occasion since the massacre on Saturday, expressing his relief that his son was not a patron at the pub.

He told CBS8 he was terrified. And that, upon receiving the news, he believed his kid to be homosexual but was happy to learn he was not.

Brink is believed to have had brain damage as a result of his MMA career and meth use. Aldrich and their father are estranged.

Brink explained that he is a Mormon and a conservative Republican and that “we don’t do gay.”

A Mormon Pornstar?

Mormons do not often engage in pornography; nonetheless, according to his IMDB biography, Brink has featured in a number of adult films.

Reporters outside Brink’s home allegedly informed him about his son’s alleged actions, indicating that Brink received less information from his son’s counsel.

When told that Aldrich was being imprisoned and suspected of killing LGBTQ+ persons in a shooting, Brink reacted indifferently, that it was OK that Aldrich was being accused of this, but he was pleased he wasn’t queer.

Authorities are likely to prosecute Aldrich with a hate crime.

Aldrich was formerly known as Nicholas Brink, but in 2016 they changed their identity owing to Brink’s pornographic career and his participation on the show Intervention, where he discussed his meth addiction.

The father claimed that he believed he had already lost his kid when his ex-wife fraudulently informed him that Aldrich had killed himself.

In the unusual interview, Brink also expressed regret for the five lives lost in the horrific incident and stressed that there was no justification for turning to violence, even if he disagreed with the victims’ sexual orientation.

Brink also stated that he “praised him for aggressive behavior very early on,” even though he was supposedly not that active in his son’s life. He and his ex-wife split when Aldrich was an infant.

Subdued And Bruised

Aldrich, as per court documents, purportedly identifies as non-binary and uses they and them pronouns.

This week, Aldrich emerged in court for the first time since the incident, heavily bruised. This was the first period they were seen in public since the shooting. According to reports, those injured were clubgoers who subdued the suspected gunman.

Rich Fierro, a veteran of the United States Army, was present with his daughter and her partner Raymond Green Vance, as well as other acquaintances.

Police described Fierro as “heroic” after he and a fellow serviceman, Navy technician Thomas James, were said to have subdued and subdued the gunman.

Raymond, age 22, was one of the five people slain at the nightclub, along with Ashley Paugh, age 35; Kelly Loving, age 40; Daniel Davis Aston, age 28; and Derrick Rump, age 38.

Brink stated that he loved his child regardless of the charges against them, and he also respected their grandpa, Republican lawmaker Randy Voepel.

Voepel, 71, represented the 71st district in the California State Assembly but lost his seat in the midterm elections.

He has been contentious throughout his career, once likened the January 6, 2021 riots to the first fights of the American Revolutionary War, Lexington, and Concord.

Voepel, considered by Brink as a potential future president, subsequently stated that he “condemned bloodshed and anarchy.”

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.