Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been having a few very good months. For one thing, he became a hero during COVID for standing up to the insanity of the lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates.

For another thing, DeSantis was widely praised for his response to Hurricane Ian and his championing of the Florida economy and parental rights in the face of the woke left.

He’s regarded as the second biggest star in the Republican party and even Donald Trump is attacking him, fearing that a DeSantis 2024 presidential run could ruin his own shot.

But now very damaging accusations have come out against DeSantis: specifically that he is a war criminal torturer.

Let’s take a look.

What Are the Accusations?

Ron DeSantis is a military veteran. At one point in 2006, DeSantis was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Now a former inmate there by the name of Mansoor Adayfi is accusing DeSantis of torture.

There are no records of this, but Adayfi is a real individual who was taken to Guantanamo and has written a book about his experiences.

However the accusations appear quite odd. Specifically, Adayfi says that DeSantis forced him to eat a food replacement product called Ensure while he was on a hunger strike.

While Adayfi was being forced to stay alive, DeSantis allegedly laughed.

What horror…

Force-feeding this guy instead of letting him starve to death is now torture? Hard to wrap your head around that one, but let’s look deeper into this…

Is This Even True?

The veracity of this accusation is unverified. DeSantis was a JAG who worked in the military in combat zones in the Middle East.

Even if he was at Guantanamo and had some interaction with this prisoner, how would the guy know his name? Names would be protected in these kinds of high stakes situations.

Whatever element of truth this may have, including not being true at all, it’s clear that this accusation is part of a coordinated campaign.

DeSantis is a rising star and far too many people want him gone on the left and right.

If this man was tortured and sadistically mocked by DeSantis why did he wait until now to come out with it? He’s had years.

The timing stinks.

The Bottom Line

Adayfi spent 14 years at Gitmo without ever being charged. In his book he talks about how he got abducted by warlords in Afghanistan who gave him to the CIA as a trophy and falsely accused him of terrorism.

Adayfi was never found guilty of anything, but was mistreated for years and details it in his book “Don’t Forget Us Here.”

His experiences are disturbing and real, but his accusations against DeSantis are, at the very least, questionable. Especially the timing.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.