Hospitals Hiring International Workers After Firing Unvaccinated Staff

Across the country, hospitals and other medical establishments have been making headlines over firing unvaccinated staff. They allege these firings are due to the need to have safe working environments.

However, at the same time, these facilities are also letting vaccinated and coronavirus-positive staff work on the job. However, with all the unvaccinated workers that health officials have chosen to eliminate, it’s causing some real problems.

In light of these problems, hospitals are choosing to make some adjustments. Fox News reports these adjustments entail bringing foreign healthcare workers on the beat to take the place of the American, unvaccinated staffers who were fired.

Bringing Foreign Workers on Board

Healthcare facilities are currently setting up contracts with nurses and other medical workers from other countries. At this time, up to 5,000 nurses from overseas are waiting to get visas so they can come work in the states.

This news indicates that hospitals and similar facilities don’t have any plans of rehiring the workers they fired over their refusal to take the COVID vaccine.

It’s noteworthy that these fired, unvaccinated US healthcare workers were lauded nationwide in 2020 as selfless heroes. The same folks who called these people heroes now have no qualms about them being axed over not getting vaccinated.

At this time, backlogs of workers are happening not just in the healthcare industry, but also in other sectors, such as the air travel industry. The air travel staffing shortages have engendered mass delays and groundings of flights since Christmas Eve 2021.

Reactions from Fired, Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

Nurse Jennifer Bridges was recently fired in Texas over her decision not to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

During a conversation with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Bridges stated that she and other domestic healthcare workers were active during the worst times of COVID.

She furthermore described it as a slap in the face to be fired by higher-ups in healthcare who were safe at home and not on the frontlines as she and other nurses were.

As healthcare workers are losing their jobs nationwide, the federal government is also standing in the way of states getting monoclonal antibodies to residents in their communities who are desperately in need of them.

There’s no telling what all else lies ahead or what the long-term ramifications will be of the decisions being made by various hospitals and healthcare facilities.

However, what is happening certainly doesn’t do much to increase the consistently declining levels of trust in the medical community.

What do you think about hospitals that are firing unvaccinated US healthcare workers and then bringing foreign staffers on the beat? Let us know your thoughts about these latest decisions from the healthcare community down below in the comments area.