Hunter Biden Not Paying Tax Debts He Owes

Talking points about the need for folks to “pay their fair share” in taxes are commonplace these days. It’s something that Democrats consistently speak about; however, they don’t practice it.

Years ago, Joe Biden and his wife used an S-corporation to steer clear of taxes on book earnings and speaking engagement fees. Furthermore, the president allegedly owes the IRS anywhere from $127,000 to $500,000 in back taxes.

There are countless other examples that expose the hypocrisy of leftist support for high taxes. However, one of the most relevant cases of all deals with Joe Biden’s own son, Hunter Biden, according to Newsmax.

A Free Pass on Tax Crimes

Kevin Morris is an A-list lawyer who is known for working with clients in Hollywood. However, this time around, Morris is making headlines for footing the multi-million-dollar tax bill that Hunter owes the US federal government.

Not only is Morris paying off Hunter’s taxes, but he’s also in the midst of giving the first son legal advice to help him avoid troubles going forward.

The A-list lawyer is even trying to get more details into how news of Hunter’s scandalous laptop became public. This is news that left-wing media outlets covered up for over one year before admitting its validity.

Even the best attorneys do not generally go around paying off the back taxes their clients owe to the federal government. All signs appear to indicate that many more layers to this story exist.

However, if there’s one thing Morris’ actions for Hunter do, it’s show some very real hypocrisy in the grand scheme of things.

Different Sets of Rules

Most people don’t have the luxury of top-notch lawyers paying off their tax debts and then giving them personalized, ongoing legal counsel to boot.

Some Americans believe there’s more than what meets the eye, even potential criminal activity. Then, there are others who note that Hunter’s only allowed these privileges because of who his father is.

At the same time Biden’s son gets to skate by without paying millions in back taxes, the president is screaming at Americans about paying a so-called “fair share.”

The president is also raising the taxes of every single American via inflation. To this day, Biden will not take a single step forward to lower costs or bring down tax rates.

Thus far, the White House is silent about Morris’ choice to cover millions in taxes for the first son. Naturally, this isn’t something the administration would want to draw attention to, for the president’s sake.

What do you think about an attorney with connections to Hollywood paying off millions in back taxes owed by Hunter Biden? You’re encouraged to share your views about this development in the comments area below.