Indiana Could Become the Next Constitutional Carry State

Constitutional carry is recognized in 21 states across America.

The right to carry a firearm without needing a permit from the government is something conservatives have been rallying behind and pushing for in more states.

At this time, both Georgia and Florida have constitutional carry legislation in the works. Republican Governors Kemp and DeSantis already confirmed if their state legislatures pass constitutional carry, they’ll sign the bills into law.

With gun ownership on the rise, more Americans are becoming open to constitutional carry. Another factor playing into this has been the rise in crime that’s motivated more Americans to go out and buy guns.

Currently, Breitbart News reports that Indiana is one of the states with constitutional carry legislation in the works.

What to Know About Constitutional Carry

Just yesterday, a constitutional carry bill won the approval of the Indiana state legislature. The legislation is now heading to the desk of Republican Governor Eric Holcomb.

Should Holcomb sign this bill into law, Indiana would become the 22nd state in America to acknowledge the right to carry without getting a permit from the government.

The National Rifle Association has been a huge sponsor and backer of Indiana’s constitutional carry legislation.

Per the NRA, this bill removes the barrier of individuals having to seek the government’s permission in order to exercise rights cited in the Second Amendment.

Now, the leading gun rights group remains hopeful that Governor Holcomb will give this bill the signature it needs to become law.

Left-wing Opposition

It should come as a shock to no one that Democrats in Indiana have been staunchly opposed to the constitutional carry legislation now heading to the governor’s desk for a signature.

Democrats in both Indiana and other states across America echo the same talking points when it comes to constitutional carry in the United States.

Leftists think it’s dangerous; they’re also opposed to the idea of Americans carrying altogether, even with permits from the government.

However, as seen throughout the country and with more states moving to implement constitutional carry, it appears to be gaining momentum, despite left-wing opposition.

More Americans are waking up to the reality of how much self-protection matters. The firing and defunding of law enforcement has also led to a situation where people can’t just call 911 and expect help to arrive when it needs to.

Democrats are currently losing the war to implement more gun control and they appear to be losing the fight to stop constitutional carry as well. Their own policies that go easy on criminals certainly haven’t helped them out.

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