Inflation Leaves Biden Severely Underwater

Joe Biden’s got a lot of problems on his hands. These problems extend from Biden’s destructive reforms, along with his inability to take any real sort of criticism.

Poll after poll shows Americans growing increasingly disaffected with the policies of the Biden administration; yet, instead of the White House getting its act together, it just insists that they’re right and the American public is wrong.

On foreign policy, crime, and more, Americans are significantly not supportive of Biden’s job performance. However, the issue of inflation is one that’s arguably having the worst impacts on both the nation and the approval ratings of the president.

This is something Breitbart News has drawn attention to, as of late.

The Downfall of Biden’s Presidency

According to a brand new poll by the Wall Street Journal, 57% of Americans believe inflation and the economy need to be the leading issues tackled by the White House and Congress.

Unfortunately, Democrats are doing all they can to avoid these topics. Members of Biden’s administration are too busy claiming that Americans who are frustrated with higher gas costs should instead drive electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, 65% of Americans agree the economy is heading in a bad direction. 60% told the Wall Street Journal that the economy’s state is either poor or not so good.

At the same time, on Friday, Biden raged against folks who hold the view that government spending has led to ongoing inflation. The president declared he’s tired of hearing this talking point because it’s “simply not true.”

The Downfall of Americans?

Biden’s anti-American policies that have led to price increases, gutted energy independence, and otherwise made the country more vulnerable are a serious problem.

At this point, it’s more than obvious this president doesn’t have what it takes to make decisions that are in the best interests of the American people.

Biden can be “sick of” hearing about inflation as much as he wants. However, the American people are even more exasperated with having to deal with the daily ramifications of the mess Biden’s made.

On Friday, Biden also made it a point of claiming that Putin was the responsible party for inflation. Meanwhile, inflation’s been present since last May, long before the Russian war criminal attacked Ukraine.

The midterms are coming up and they’re absolutely going to be a referendum on the Biden administration and how this White House has chosen to govern.

If Biden truly doesn’t grasp why government spending is responsible for inflation (and not Putin), then he doesn’t need to be in the White House for a moment longer.

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