Inflation Remains a Thorn in Biden’s Side

The American public is understandably displeased with inflation in the country. The sting of consistently having to pay higher prices for virtually everything is something the nation is enduring right now.

As more goods and services become less and less affordable, families and the middle class are feeling the burden. It’s not an exaggeration to say that people’s dollars simply don’t go as far as they once used to.

With inflation being what it is, the American public has understandably looked to the Biden administration for an explanation and solution. However, as the White House continues to provide nothing, the president’s poll numbers are getting increasingly worse, per Breitbart News.

The Latest You Gov/Economist Survey

In this poll, 46% of Americans declared they do not approve of how Biden is handling COVID, while 44% said the precise opposite. Now, the president’s botched management of the virus directly ties into inflation because the economy is an overlapping factor.

COVID vaccine mandates are some of the steps Biden’s taken to supposedly curb the virus. Yet, the president has ignored the reality that California (a state with strict masking rules and even stricter COVID vaccine passport rules) has twice the number of cases as Florida, a free, open state without medical mandates.

It’s very clear Biden doesn’t know what to do on tackling inflation. However, the decisions the president is making are worsening both inflation and the supply chain crisis.

Biden’s doing this in the name of defeating coronavirus, but all he’s really doing is repeatedly taking a sledgehammer to the economy. It’s a shame and it continues to prove this president’s lack of fitness to lead.

Additional Overlaps Between Inflation and COVID

Earlier this year, the 46th president made it his business to send out stimulus payments to individuals whose jobs were impacted by COVID shutdowns. However, these stimulus checks arrived at a time when the nation was opening up and trying to get people back to work.

In this regard, also, Biden adversely impacted the economy, drove up inflation, and did nothing to stop the virus. Defeating COVID was a key promise Biden made on the 2020 presidential campaign trail; yet, he didn’t make good on this and everyone paying attention is able to see it.

If this current president proceeds on his course, inflation will only get worse. What Biden is doing won’t stop the virus either; it will only engender more economic problems and push Americans further and further over the edge.

Do you believe Biden’s supposed plans to defeat COVID have led to inflation and other adverse impacts on the economy? What do you think about this president’s handling of the virus in general? We’re excited to read your thoughts below in the comments area.