Jen Psaki Leaving the White House on May 13

Many Americans are familiar with White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Psaki is repeatedly defending the Biden administration at all costs, even when it involves lying to the American public.

Psaki’s also gone after various Republican leaders, conservative legislation, and other things in politics that contrast with Biden’s agenda.

During the earliest times of the White House press secretary’s work, she came under fire for repeatedly declaring she’d “circle back” on certain questions that were asked of her.

However, with the Biden administration having some of the worst approval ratings ever, it appears Psaki is moving on to greener pastures. According to Newsmax, Psaki’s time as the White House press secretary will end on May 13.

What to Know About Psaki’s Departure and Replacement

According to the White House, Psaki’s work as press secretary has managed to “set the standard” for the administration. Likewise, the White House thanked Psaki for her work, service, and wished her well going forward.

Psaki also had similar warm words for the president and his administration. The White House press secretary stated she was grateful to work for the administration and also heaped praise on her replacement, deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre will be the new White House press secretary after Psaki leaves. Psaki lauded Jean-Pierre as being the first gay, black woman who will hold the position.

Likewise, the White House press secretary said her upcoming replacement will supply necessary “representation.”

Signs of Trouble Ahead For the White House

After she’s done with the Biden administration, Psaki will be heading over to MSNBC to work as a commentator.

Some people have pointed out that leaving the White House to work for a news station indicates trouble in paradise for the former.

Psaki’s upcoming departure also comes as a long list of other White House aides resigned, many of them going on to work in media. Turnover rates in the Biden administration truly stand out and appear to indicate significant levels of dysfunction.

Some people speculate that Jean-Pierre’s work as the White House press secretary won’t differ much from Psaki’s.

At the end of the day, the job will still involve painting the Biden administration in the best feasible light, even if this comes at the cost of lying to Americans.

Nevertheless, over at MSNBC, the general public can count on Psaki’s work as a commentator to involve propping up the Biden administration, left-wing agendas, and the Democrat Party at large.

In many ways, it won’t differ too greatly from the work she’s currently doing.

What do you think about Psaki’s departure from the Biden administration? Do you think the White House has real troubles ahead? In the comments area, be sure to let us know.