Jen Psaki May Soon Be Out of the White House

The Biden administration is on a steep, downward spiral and it has been for quite some time. Joe Biden continues to be plagued with various scandals, setbacks, and episodes revealing his incompetence.

Right now, the latest example of such incompetence deals with the manner in which Biden has chosen to go about handling Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Before Putin launched an all-out onslaught against Ukraine, his officials openly mocked Biden’s threats of sanctions.

Yet, even after Putin’s taken countless innocent lives in Ukraine and completely disregarded everyone, Biden is still only talking about more sanctions.

The world is watching Putin dominate Biden and walk all over him; therefore, there’s a very real possibility that China could mirror what Russia did and bring different attacks against Taiwan.

In the wake of the Biden administration being a sinking ship, many aides have already found creative ways of leaving and taking up jobs elsewhere. According to Breitbart News, press secretary Jen Psaki could be one of the next aides to exit the Biden administration.

A Closer Look at Psaki’s Reported Departure Plans

It turns out Psaki’s work as Biden’s press secretary has caught the interest of various news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and others. Apparently, both CNN and MSNBC have been in contact with Psaki, offering her various positions with their networks.

This news comes on top of the revelation that the press secretary plans to leave the White House later this year and is therefore looking around for other job opportunities.

Apparently, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC may soon be leaving her slot on primetime television, therefore creating a clear vacancy for Psaki to step in and fill. Thus far, these conversations with various networks are still in the infancy stages.

Psaki’s possible departure from the White House would follow a string of other aides leaving the Biden administration. Many have gone on to take other positions as the White House remains mired in scandal.

Criticism of Psaki’s Job as Press Secretary

Throughout her tenure working for the Biden administration, Psaki has taken varying levels of criticism. Many Americans aren’t too pleased with the press secretary’s tendency to bend the truth in the favor of Biden.

Other segments of the country also take issue with Psaki openly lying at times and making contradictory statements when it benefits the Biden administration.

If Psaki were to leave the White House, many of her critics wouldn’t be too sad to see her go; however, the Biden administration would undoubtedly replace her with someone equally as willing to lie on behalf of partisanship.

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