Jen Psaki Tests Positive For COVID Again, Despite Having All Three COVID Shots

COVID vaccines have been consistently put on a pedestal.

People have been told they need to get vaccinated and if they don’t get vaccinated, they’re horrible people who don’t care about the wellbeing of others.

Biden himself has attempted to wage war on the unvaccinated. The president fought tooth and nail to implement mandates that would’ve forced unvaccinated Americans to lose their jobs.

Thankfully, conservatives, religious organizations, and business groups fought back against this. They sued Biden all the way to the Supreme Court, where the president’s mandate was overthrown.

Meanwhile, amid all this fanfare for the COVID vaccine, Jen Psaki, Biden’s White House press secretary, has tested positive for COVID for the second time.

Psaki’s second positive COVID test comes in spite of her being completely immunized and boosted, as reported by Red State.

What to Know About Psaki’s Latest Run with COVID

Earlier in the week, the White House press secretary put out a series of tweets admitting that she’s tested positive for COVID.

Psaki then stated that due to her testing positive, she’ll be sitting out the trip she was planned to take to Europe with Biden.

The White House press secretary likewise informed that she met with Biden in person recently, yet remained socially distanced.

Psaki also confirmed that despite coming into contact with the president, he has tested negative for the virus.

More Vaccinated Democrats Fall Victim to COVID

Jen Psaki is far from the only Democrat to come down with COVID, notwithstanding having both COVID vaccines and booster shots. Reportedly, the healthcare community is now working on another booster shot.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are some of the most well-known vaccinated Democrats to come down with COVID.

In spite of this, both Clinton and Obama have promoted COVID vaccines and stated that folks who are still not vaccinated should go out and get the vaccines.

Psaki, Clinton, and Obama have subsequently come under fire for promoting the very same vaccines that haven’t saved them from getting COVID.

Democrats have also been the main supporters and advocates for vaccine mandates.

Yet, the reality that COVID vaccines and booster shots don’t stop infection or spread of a virus directly works against the narrative for vaccine mandates.

There’s no telling how many times COVID is going to infect folks who are already vaccinated against it. Apparently, there are some reports that these vaccinations become less effective with the passage of time.

What do you think about the White House press secretary now twice testing positive for coronavirus, in spite of her having both of her COVID vaccines, along with the booster shot? We’d be delighted to know your views on this down below in the comments area.