Jill Biden Calls Kamala Harris “the President”

There’s been a repeated problem with various individuals in Biden’s camp referring to someone else as being the president.

During the campaign trail in 2020, Biden referred to Kamala Harris as president on numerous occasions, rather than referring to her as his vice-presidential candidate.

There were even certain times when Harris herself referenced “a Harris administration.” Of course, this was quickly followed up by her stating Biden would be the president, rather than herself.

Now, it turns out that first lady Jill Biden is getting in on it. While speaking at a Black History Month event at the White House, the first lady referred to Harris as president, according to Red State.

Who is Really President?

At one point during Monday’s Black History Month event, Harris was set to give a speech of sorts. Apparently, the first lady was the person to introduce the vice president and allow her to take things from there.

However, many folks were taken aback when Biden introduced Harris as “the president.” Of course, the first lady then quickly corrected herself and laughed it off, stating she just wanted other people to laugh as well.

From there, Harris hugged the president and the first lady before taking the podium to speak.

Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for this entire episode to go viral on social media with people sharing their thoughts.

Considering the theme of Harris being consistently referred to as the president by Biden’s inner circle, some Americans questioned if there’s more happening behind the scenes than the general public is aware of.

Foreshadowing the Future?

Since Biden set foot into the White House, there have been a lot of doubts that he’s going to be able to finish out a full four years of being the White House.

Less than halfway into his presidency, Biden is already clearly deteriorating. When speaking publicly, the president is known to begin his sentences very slowly.

Although, towards the end of Biden’s sentences, he’ll quickly speed up, almost as if he’s forcing himself to get the words out as quickly as possible.

This comes on top of Biden shouting into microphones, whispering into microphones, and otherwise scrambling his words. None of this indicates strength or shows that Biden is in an even average psychological state.

When you combine this with the series of tactical errors that Biden’s made since getting into office, there is the possibility that he wouldn’t make it to 2024. Should this be the case, then Harris really would become president while finishing up Biden’s term.

What do you think about the first lady referring to Kamala Harris as the president of the United States? In the comments section below, let us know if you believe there’s more to this than what the general public is aware of.