Jobs Creators Network: Biden Senses “Defeat” on COVID Vaccine Mandates

The president’s federal COVID vaccine mandate is highly unlikely to maintain in its current form. What President Biden is trying to do right now is unilaterally make a healthcare decision for tens of millions of Americans and doom them to unemployment if they refuse.

Now, earlier in the year, Biden’s own White House admitted forcing vaccine mandates on the American public was not the place of the federal government. At some point, though, they decided to push ahead with COVID vaccine mandates anyway.

Apparently, the Biden administration just hoped the public would shut up and take it. However, this isn’t how things are playing out. Biden’s facing countless lawsuits from Republicans, first responders, business organizations, religious organizations, etc.

In fact, the Jobs Creators Network, a top U.S. business group, now says Biden is sensing defeat when it comes to his illegal mandate, per Newsmax.

A Strong Rebuke of the Biden Administration

The Jobs Creators Network has made it clear they are not on board with the president’s COVID vaccine mandate. This organization has joined Republicans in bringing legal challenges against the edict, declaring the harm it will have upon employers and workers alike.

In a recent press release, JCN declared the president understands his COVID vaccine mandate is not going anywhere. The business organization then reminded that the Federal Appeals Court put a “freeze” on the mandate; yet, the Biden administration is still pressing businesses to proceed with these medical edicts anyway.

JCN says the White House’s attempt to proceed with this order in spite of the court’s ruling is a desperate attempt to force vaccines on as many people as possible before the mandate is struck down.

More Bad News from the White House

Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate is far from the only terrible decisions he’s making as president. Choosing to do nothing about the supply chain crisis, while insulting the intelligence of Americans who ask about it, is another prime example.

There are too many examples to cite where this president has failed and completely proven himself as unqualified to lead the nation. Additional standouts in this regard deal with rising prices nationwide and Americans who remain stranded abroad in Afghanistan.

In regards to COVID vaccine mandates, the White House has repeatedly undermined the massive backlash against Biden. White House aides are going before the public and saying they believe the mandate will ultimately stand.

They’ve also made no mention of the reality that in spite of all the masking and vaccination, COVID cases are still a factor.

Do you agree with the Jobs Creators Network regarding Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates? Do you believe the president will ultimately be forced to rescind or water down his medical edict? We’d like to know below in the comments area.