Jobs in America May Get Harder to Come Upon

For years now, jobs and businesses have been largely under siege in America.

Back in 2020, many jobs and businesses were done in by shutdowns and various mandates that sabotaged people’s abilities to make a living. Then, in 2021, labor shortages came into play, further putting a strain on employment and the economy.

To add insult to injury, the Biden administration has been responsible for a series of abysmal jobs reports. The numbers of jobs being added to the US economy remain consistently below the expectations and predictions of specialists.

Now, Fox Business reveals that American enterprises are actually cutting back on their numbers of available jobs.

Additional Challenges for Jobs in the United States

In January, companies did away with a shocking 301K jobs. Needless to say, this elimination of employment opportunities caused the economy to fall way below the 207K increase of jobs that economists forecasted last month.

According to leading economists, omicron is what played the biggest role in the cutback of employment. Likewise, the sectors most impacted by job reductions include hospitality and leisure.

Additional sectors to suffer adverse impacts include transportation, education, trade, utilities, and health services.

Meanwhile, this negative trend doesn’t appear likely to subside anytime soon. Already, the Biden administration has gone on record, warning that as a result of omicron, millions of Americans made sick call-ins during the collection of employment data.

The Artificial Intelligence Factor

The negative jobs trends are often front and center news when it comes to discussions about the economy. Although, something that doesn’t get talked about as often is the rising implementation of artificial intelligence.

Companies like BurgerFi and others have been using artificial intelligence more frequently. One factor in this has been labor shortages and the number of people quitting their jobs.

Ultimately, companies don’t want to be left in the lurch; therefore, they’re making adjustments in order to stay afloat and remain profitable.

The rise of artificial intelligence has led to questions about whether or not this will have positive or negative impacts on the jobs of humans.

However, some proponents of artificial intelligence maintain that robots will actually make jobs easier for humans, rather than displacing employment opportunities altogether.

At this time, it remains to be seen whether or not monthly jobs reports are going to improve. For now, the Biden administration has some serious work to do in terms of meeting their promise of “building back better.”

In many regards, the economy is struggling and far from being in a good position.

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