Joe Manchin Rejects Talk About Reviving Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

The Build Back Better Act is the one thing Democrats can’t let go of. This agenda was thrown into the trash bin when the Senate rejected it last year. However, this isn’t stopping Biden from trying to restore his agenda.

On Tuesday, when Biden gave his State of the Union speech, he made sure to subtly promote the Build Back Better Act.

The president didn’t specifically mention the bill by name; however, what Biden did do was talk about how “his plan” would help with climate change, childcare, etc.

Even after West Virginia Sen. Manchin stated back in December that Build Back Better wouldn’t be getting his support, Democrats and the White House, in particular, refuse to let it go. They’ve been repeatedly trying to get Manchin on board, all to no avail.

As reported by The Blaze, Manchin is standing by his refusal to get on board with the president’s spending bill.

The Latest from Manchin on Build Back Better

After Biden spent a segment of his State of the Union speech calling for support for his spending bill, Manchin was asked by the media whether or not he could see himself voting for it.

Just as Manchin said in December, the West Virginia Democrat remained consistent in his view. Per Manchin, the Build Back Better Act still isn’t a piece of legislation that’s going to get his vote.

The lawmaker, when asked, also said that when it comes to this bill, some folks are just unable to help themselves. The senator also pointed out he’s never seen a scenario where bringing down costs is made possible by spending more funds.

Therefore, Manchin isn’t going for it. This, yet again, is confirmation that Biden isn’t going to get his way when it comes to the Build Back Better Act.

Likewise, Manchin has been adamant about the importance of lowering the debt, not driving it up with more wasteful spending packages.

More on Manchin

The West Virginia Democrat’s statements about the Build Back Better Act weren’t the only thing to catch the attention of the general public.

On Tuesday, during the State of the Union address, Manchin was notably seated on the side of Republicans, rather than with Democrats.

To this point, the West Virginia lawmaker explained sitting with Republicans was about communicating that bipartisanship is still alive and well.

Democrats continue to be frustrated with Manchin for not automatically toeing the party line and doing whatever they want him to do. Meanwhile, the West Virginia senator has been clear that he won’t be bullied, nor will he roll over and fall in line.

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