Joe Manchin Slams Biden Over Russian Oil Imports

Joe Biden’s increasingly ridiculous handling of the war crisis between Russia and Ukraine is causing him to take a lot of heat.

The Democrat president has talked a good game about sanctions and talked strongly against Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Biden’s actions do not even come close to aligning with his rhetoric.

For starters, Biden is refusing to impose sanctions that will truly do damage to the Russian regime, such as sanctioning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. GOP lawmaker Ted Cruz suggested imposing sanctions against this pipeline, but Biden didn’t go for it.

Secondly, for all of the president’s tough talk against Putin, he’s still buying oil from the Russian regime. This has led to mounting backlash.

According to Red State, one of the latest lawmakers to hold Biden accountable as it pertains to buying Russian oil (and therefore bankrolling Russia’s war on Ukraine) is none other than Democrat Joe Manchin.

The Latest from Sen. Manchin

While speaking with NBC News, Manchin didn’t hold back with explaining precisely how Biden needs to get his affairs in order when it comes to Russia.

The West Virginia senator explained that as things currently stand, there’s no reason why the United States ought to be getting gas or oil products from the Russian regime.

Furthermore, Manchin pointed out that every US dollar used to get products from the Russian government then goes into Putin’s war chest for him to carry out new strikes against Ukraine.

The moderate Democrat’s statements come as Biden is also sending aid to Ukraine.

As many Americans have noted, by Biden purchasing goods from Russia and then sending support to Ukraine, he’s literally responsible for bankrolling each side of the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict.

More Than Just Talk

Manchin’s interview with NBC News in which he cites the merits of ceasing imports of oil from Russia is far from all he’s done to take action.

The senator is also hard at work with his colleagues, including GOP members, to pass legislation that would prohibit Russian oil imports, in light of current affairs.

At this time, the Biden administration claims it’s still discussing whether or not to put a stop on these imports once and for all.

Right now, it looks like the president is looking to get the green light to buy oil from the Iranian government before cutting off Russian imports.

For much of the nation, this is beyond infuriating, especially since America has the necessary resources to produce and generate our own energy. Domestic energy production is something else that Sen. Manchin has been consistently and vocally supportive of.

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