Joe Rogan Dismantles Calls For More Gun Control

After multiple mass shootings in a very short period of time, Democrats from the president on down have been calling for more gun control.

Democrats reject the notion that mass shootings could have to do with mental health or other factors that are removed from further restrictions on gun ownership.

Republicans, of course, are challenging Democrats’ arguments that more gun control is necessary and nothing else will suffice. Conservatives note that stripping lawful citizens of their rights to self-protect will leave them as sitting ducks.

This is exactly what happened during the Buffalo, New York shooting. In the shooter’s deranged manifesto, he stated that he targeted New York because of the state’s “cucked” gun rules.

Now, popular podcast host Joe Rogan is joining the voices who are sounding the alarm against more gun control, per Breitbart News.

Rogan on the Danger of Banning Guns

The popular podcaster warned what the United States faces is a crisis of mental health that’s being disguised as a gun crisis.

From here, Rogan explained that completely disarming the US citizenry and letting the government have total control is dangerous.

He also pointed out that even with a nation of armed people, the government still hasn’t completely backed away from authoritarian impulses.

Rogan then went on to warn that the government would become much more dictatorial if people completely lost the right to hold arms.

The podcaster also made a point of noting that stripping guns away from Americans will create a scenario where the only firearms owners are dangerous criminals.

Further Dissecting Arguments For Gun Control

As Democrats continue to reject proposed measures like mental health reforms, heightened protection in kids’ schools, and more, some people are questioning if Democrats truly care about saving the lives of kids.

Former President Trump made a note of this during his Friday speech at the National Rifle Associaton (NRA) convention.

Trump reasonably questioned why Democrats would oppose beefing up security in kids’ schools, regardless of other policy differences they may have with Republicans.

Multiple conservatives have pointed out that banks and airports get higher levels of security than children’s schools.

In light of what happened in Uvalde not even one week ago, growing numbers of Americans are saying it’s high time for children in schools to have stronger levels of security safeguarding them.

Of course, since Joe Rogan’s latest remarks that sound the alarm against calls for disarming Americans, he’s been heavily criticized by leftists and others in favor of complete gun confiscation.

Do you think Joe Rogan is right to warn against disarming the American public? What are your proposed solutions to ending mass shootings? Please be sure to let us know in the comments area.