John Fetterman Slips Up When Discussing Roe v. Wade

John Fetterman’s campaign to become the next senator of Pennsylvania hasn’t been going so well. Last month, Fetterman debated his GOP rival, Mehmet Oz, and did so horribly.

On top of that, the Pennsylvania Democrat is constantly lying to voters about his stance on fracking, his record on crime, among other issues. Fetterman also won’t release his medical records after suffering a stroke, despite bipartisan calls for him to do so.

This weekend, Fetterman held a rally where he was joined by former President Obama. However, even this went south when Fetterman started talking about Roe v. Wade.

Since suffering a stroke back in April, the Pennsylvania Democrat has experienced significant issues with his speech and ability to hear. As Fox News reports, these problems emerged on Saturday.

Fetterman on Roe v. Wade

Back in June, most Democrats were not happy when the Supreme Court sent the issue of abortion back to the states and overturned Roe v. Wade.

This has become a central point of Democratic candidates’ campaigns as they work to connect with voters. Obama’s visit to Pennsylvania on Saturday happened in order to give the struggling Fetterman a boost.

Though when the matter of Roe v. Wade came up, Fetterman first claimed this is an issue he “runs on.” Then, in the very next sentence, the Pennsylvania Democrat said he cheers the demise of the landmark ruling.

The latter remark was a serious mistake. However, the optics are poor. It reminds Pennsylvania voters of the extent to which Fetterman is still suffering from lingering health issues following his stroke.

Even a visit from Obama cannot smooth over what is a very serious problem for Fetterman. His gaffe during the rally has since gone viral on social media.

Good News For Oz

While Fetterman rallied with Democrats over the weekend, Oz did the same with Republicans. Polls have shown Oz gaining ground over the increasingly embattled Pennsylvania Democrat.

If Oz wins this election and defeats Fetterman, he will play a vital role in Republicans possibly taking back the Senate. For a while, this particular chamber was thought to be a tossup.

Yet, that prediction has changed as Republicans gain momentum nationwide. Tuesday will ultimately reveal whether or not Oz or Fetterman manages to make it across the finish line.

All things considered, Oz has quite a bit going for him. Fetterman, on the other hand, is surrounded by uncertainty and various controversies that pertain to his record.

What do you think of the massive gaffe that John Fetterman made while rallying for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania? Do you believe the Democrat will win or lose his election later this week?

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