Kamala Was Hanging Out with Child Actors as US Lost Afghanistan War 1 Year Ago

(Social media video snapshot)

Vice President Kamala Harris was literally hanging out with child actors a year ago when the entire Biden administration botched the pullout of Afghanistan.

Kabul Joe Achieved the Unimaginable One Year Back

The first anniversary since the US lost the war in Afghanistan was celebrated on Monday by jubilant Taliban terrorists in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The US military went into Afghanistan in October 2001 to destroy the bases of al-Qaeda, the Islamist terrorist network. This was after it perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, killing nearly 3,000 people.

By 2020-2021, the United States managed to build an Afghan military, a modern government, and a secularizing society in Afghanistan.

All of that turned to dust within a matter of days last summer, thanks to Joe Biden. He decided to abruptly pull out the US military without leaving even a token force to symbolize America’s commitment to Afghanistan’s survival and progress.

As Kabul Joe withdrew the US military, the Taliban immediately took over, while thousands of US citizens and US allies remained in their hands.

This forced Biden to send thousands of US troops back to Kabul to secure an utterly humiliating and chaotic evacuation that claimed the lives of 13 US Marines in a suicide terrorist attack by ISIS (the Islamic State).

The previously unimaginable American loss of the war in Afghanistan emboldened Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin to attack the free world by invading Ukraine.

(Social media video snapshot)

How Kamala Achieved Double Flop One Year Ago

One year ago, Harris didn’t even care about the Afghanistan war or the Americans stuck there.

Instead, she was busy getting acquainted with child actors for a ludicrous, staged video that she released on YouTube. It which flopped big time, a Fox News report has revealed.

The video called “Get Curious with VP Harris” was met with a storm of ridicule after it was exposed the children starring in it weren’t just regular American school kids, but child actors picked especially for the purpose.

The office of Kamala Harris gave no response to Fox New Digital when asked if she now wishes to have used her time differently a year ago. This could perhaps happen by making an effort to alleviate the situation in Afghanistan, instead of putting together a despicable staged video.

Meanwhile, Republican members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives released a scathing report on Kabul Joe’s chaotic pullout from Afghanistan.

They concluded 800 US citizens were left behind in the hands of the Taliban.

There were only 36 staffers of the Biden administration who were dealing with the evacuation. Meanwhile, Afghans who helped the US during the war were forced to flee to Iran with the weapons and secrets they had on them.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.