Kyrsten Sinema Dunks on Democrats Amid Talks With GOP Lobbyists

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema stunned the political world last year when she abruptly left the Democrat Party to become an Independent. In doing so, Sinema stated that her views have never fully matched with either of America’s major parties.

The congresswoman also made it known that she’ll be able to fully serve her constituents and meet their needs, despite no longer being a Democrat.

Of course, Democrats didn’t react well to this. Many called Sinema an undercover Republican or otherwise insinuated she was disloyal for becoming an Independent.

Now, the Arizona lawmaker is making her thoughts about at least some Democrats known, according to Red State.

Sinema Puts It on the Table

During a conversation with GOP lobbyists, Sinema expressed her exasperation with Democrats, saying that the lunches she had with them were “ridiculous.”

After slamming “old dudes” who consumed jello and talked about how great they believed they were, the Arizona congresswoman stated her time is better spent elsewhere.

Her remarks to GOP lobbyists also confirmed that she no longer caucuses with Democrats and is only linked to them for the purpose of various committees.

Sinema’s remarks arrive in the wake of her coming under constant attack from Democrats for not toeing the party line.

Bad News For Democrats

Sinema’s exit from the Democrat Party last year raised questions about whether Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin may also exit and become an Independent or Republican.

Like Sinema, there are numerous occasions where Manchin has publicly disagreed with his own political party and its positions. In another parallel to the Arizona congresswoman, Manchin has likewise been attacked by the Democrat Party for not falling in line with what its other members want.

Finally, Democrats have been warned that if they continue moving further to the left and ostracizing the more moderate members of their party, it could backfire.