Leftists Starting to Express Qualms with Democrat Party

It is no secret the Democrat Party has gotten further and further to the left. This has been in the making for years and years now. Policies that were once written off as extreme are now mainstream in the Democrat Party.

Gradually, moderates have been largely pushed out of the party. In their place are radical socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others.

Many Republicans and Independents have expressed in polls their concerns about the direction the Democrat Party is trying to take America. However, in an interesting twist, even some D.C. leftists are now of the view the Democrat Party is going too far, according to Newsmax.

Bad News for Today’s Democrat Party

The general consensus amongst folks living in D.C. is that Democrats need to pull themselves together. Some people stated the Democrat Party is still trying to figure itself out and determine what it stands for.

Others proclaimed Democrats are “in disarray” and “too far left.” Another popular viewpoint is Democrats are losing sight of issues that matter to their voters, especially minority voters in the United States.

Additional folks made a point of noting the Democrat Party left “the center.” People with this outlook noted how President Biden campaigned as a moderate Democrat; yet, the moment he got into office, he began governing as a hard leftist.

All in all, D.C. residents have made it very clear they’re not very pleased with the current condition of the Democrat Party, as it stands today.

A Party in Shambles

Quite frankly, the above remarks are very revealing. They show that right-wingers and even swing voters aren’t the only folks wondering what the Democrat Party is doing these days.

Between this type of feedback, Democrats’ loss in Virginia, and Florida Republican voters officially outnumbering Florida Democrat voters, the left is in big trouble.

It’s not enough to simply talk about building back better. It’s also not enough for Democrats to pretend like their president is doing a good job, despite his consistently sinking approval ratings.

The truth of the matter is this: Democrats have a lot of problems ahead of them, especially as the midterm elections get closer. It’s just not enough for the left to point the finger at conservatives and accuse anyone who criticizes them of being racists.

All in all, the Democrat Party is out of touch. They’re out of touch with the interests of Americans and even with what their own base wants. It is because of this that Democrats can expect to keep on losing elections to Republicans over and over and over again.

What do you think about the comments D.C. leftists made regarding the Democrat Party? We’d love to know where you stand in the comments area below.