Less Than Three in Ten Independents Approve of Biden

In US politics, bait-and-switch does not usually work so well.

When politicians present themselves one way on the campaign trail, only to take a radically different shift after winning elected office, they don’t have the best outcomes. Joe Biden as president is the most transparent example of this.

When Biden was just a 2020 presidential candidate, he promised to be a middle-of-the-road Democrat who would bring the country together, unify everyone, and steer clear of radical measures like mandating the COVID vaccine and threatening dissenters with joblessness.

These commitments persuaded at least some Independent voters to support Biden in 2020. However, in light of Biden taking such a hard left turn over the past 13 months, fewer than three in ten Independents support him, per Breitbart News.

The Latest on Biden and Independent Voters

The progression of Biden’s term directly tracks with rising disapproval from Independents, along with Independents being more aligned with Republicans than Democrats in polls.

This week, pollster Civiqs announced to America that 67% of Independents disapprove of the sitting president, leaving only 22% who approve.

Civiqs likewise revealed that a plurality of women (50%), men (64%), adults under 34-years-old (59%), adults 35-to-64-years old (56%), and adults over 65-years-old (55%) disapprove of Biden.

These are terrible poll numbers. This massive drop across multiple demographics, especially more than two-thirds of Independents, speaks to the enormous unpopularity of the current president.

Damage Control at the White House

These latest poll ratings are a continuation of mounting opposition against the class of leadership Biden’s chosen to bring to the country.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki keeps trying to spin the narrative during her daily media conferences.

This week alone, Psaki came under fire for trying to credit Biden for gas prices falling a few cents previously in December, despite gas prices today reaching levels not seen in nearly one decade.

If nothing else, gas costs today are certainly higher than they were when Trump was in office as president.

That’s not even mentioning the unpopular COVID restrictions Biden remains supportive of, his agenda to crack down against legal gun ownership, his complete negligence of the southern border, etc.

Biden’s also continued to embarrass America on the world stage by showing weakness to countries like Russia and China. Neither Putin, nor Jinping, takes Biden seriously…and the president is not acting in a manner that would change this.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that barely two out of ten Independent voters are able to say they approve of the current president.

What are your thoughts on the new poll showing that more than two-thirds of Independent voters in the United States disapprove of Biden? We’re eager to read your thoughts about these latest developments in the comments area below.