Lessons Americans Should Remember as 2021 Ends

Thanksgiving Day is here and upon us. Many Americans are spending time with family, enjoying a good dinner, and gobbling down lots of turkeys.

In the days leading up to this Thanksgiving, some good news arrived. This news revealed record amounts of travel is occurring to celebrate this holiday. In fact, some estimates predicted that Thanksgiving 2021 travel would rival the levels of travel seen during 2019.

People are either driving across the country or flying to be with their families and the ones they love. This makes a huge difference and shows just how far Americans are coming from 2020 where computer screens and video streaming sites were how folks celebrated Thanskgiving.

With that in mind, however, there are some critical lessons every American should remember as 2021 reaches its end.

Freedom Matters

Despite what people like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden would like Americans to think, freedom matters. It is deeply important for people to be able to chart their own course, without a large, oppressive government breathing down their necks.

It is important for Americans to be in a position to make their own medical choices without having the government threaten them with loss of income.

Make no mistake: the country is making strides forward and pushing back against those who seek to rip away American freedoms. With that in mind, the forces in the US that want to use COVID to strip freedoms away are not giving up just yet.

Evil Only Prevails When Good People Do Nothing

Right now, the White House is pushing for Americans to be fired from their jobs if they refuse the COVID vaccine.

The Biden administration isn’t taking natural immunity into account; they also aren’t taking into account the various reason why one might decline the COVID vaccine.

However, due to Americans pushing back against this mandate (from business groups to conservative leaders and religious organizations), the Federal Appeals Court put a stay on it.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed laws prohibiting companies in the state from forcing vaccines on their workers. Since then, several companies have announced the rollback of their COVID vaccine mandates, much to the chagrin and rage of the White House.

There’s a lesson in all this. The lesson is that fighting back against evil is the only hope one has of defeating it. Just like remembering the importance of freedom matters, it is also vital for Americans to remember evil can only prevail when good people do nothing to stop it.

What are your thoughts about freedom and fighting back against evil on this Thanksgiving? What are your plans for today and what are you personally thankful for in life? We look forward to reading all about it in the comments area below.