Liberal City Goes the Extra Mile to Coddle Illegal Immigrants

Despite what the Biden administration wants Americans to believe, this country is facing a major crisis when it comes to illegal immigration.

Because Biden came into office and literally opened the floodgates, cities nationwide have been inundated with large swarms of migrants that they simply don’t have the bandwidth for.

In some cases, left-wing communities are choosing to put migrants up in hotels and other accommodations, free of charge (for them). Of course, the people actually footing the bill are American taxpayers.

Breaking news from the Gateway Pundit reveals yet another plan in the works to coddle illegal immigrants in New York City. Though what this community has in store is going to shock most people.

Today, the City of New York continues to wrestle with a major homelessness problem. Instead of getting this under control, however, local officials signed off on a plan that involves putting up illegal immigrants in the parking lot of Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital.

Officials in the community believe this plan will provide not just housing, but also necessary services. Once again, this is yet another bill that will be handed down to US taxpayers.

Interestingly enough, NYC Mayor Eric Adams appears to be somewhat seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to illegal immigration. It’s been confirmed that the Adams administration will start distributing bulletins that urge migrants to seek housing accommodations elsewhere.

Before this, the Democratic mayor also publicly conceded that his city no longer has the capacity to keep taking in illegal immigrants. Adams likewise wants the federal government to step in, but there’s been no sign of that happening.

The illegal immigration problem in New York City, border states, and other communities nationwide can all be traced back to the Biden administration. Had this president chosen to enforce our country’s laws, the illegal migration problems today would be nonexistent.