Liberals Reveal Cunning New Plan to Ruin Your Life

Should the Ukraine situation result in a serious fuel shortage, the Irish government plans to reintroduce strict COVID-style lockdown measures.

According to a leak made public on Monday, Ireland’s Europhile government is considering a return to severe COVID-style lockdowns if a fuel shortage arises as a result of the continuing Ukraine conflict.

Strain on Supplies

It occurs as ongoing confrontations between Russia and the United States put considerable strain on the global reserves of fossil fuels.

Climate-change deniers in Europe occasionally add to more local shortfalls by obstructing key oil resources.

Authorities have wargamers trying to implement mandatory work at home commands for non-essential employees, restrictions on so-called “non-essential” transportation, and strict speed restrictions on roadways.

This is part of what has been described as a highly classified “high-level planning process,” according to leaks mentioned by the Irish Independent.

Gasoline rationing and the restriction of when specific cars may be fueled at petrol stations were allegedly addressed at the covert conference, with attendees being instructed to prepare for three distinct levels of fuel shortages.

There is allegedly minimal risk of significant gasoline shortages, as a result of current international tensions over Ukraine.

The leader of one of the organizations present at the conference indicated preparation for a potential fuel shortage in the long term is “sensible.”

“It is quite improbable we will witness a reduction in gasoline supply,” Energy sources for Ireland CEO Kevin McPartlan is quoted as saying, adding that Ireland’s “inventory levels are very strong” at present.

Given the energy security challenges that a number of European countries are now facing, McPartlan’s fairly specific assurance about Ireland’s future fuel supply may appear to be optimistic.

Europe Struggles

Countries such as Germany are presently in an immensely challenging situation, as a result of their reliance on Russian gas.

Financial disaster is looming if Vladimir Putin decides to pull the plug, despite previous cautions from Trump and others to reduce dependence on Moscow’s energy exports.

Putin’s done so before, with Russia fully cutting off Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, and the Dutch from its network, prompting some European leaders to accuse Moscow of blackmailing its adversaries.

Meanwhile, some have been pondering methods to reduce the bloc’s dependency on Russian fuels, with one research group advising Europeans to lower their thermostats to conserve energy.

Conversely, Italy has begun restricting air-con, requiring public buildings, government offices, and institutions to suffer temperatures of at least 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

The scarcity came just weeks just after dedicated Europhile Mario Draghi told the world that during the warmer months, they had to choose between “air-con or peace” in Ukraine.

Authorities within the nation don’t seem to have ever been destined to put that inquiry to the public.