Libs Take a Shot at “Fixing” Everyone’s Favorite Board Games

"scrabble" by Eljay

In yet another one of their attempts to fix something that isn’t fundamentally broken, the radical left has zeroed in on board games, this time.

This is specifically targeting the wordbuilding game Scrabble, prompting the company to remove nearly 400 terms from their official scoring table.

The company behind the game, Mattel, had their head of games, Ray Adler, speak up on the matter. He is in full favor of the woke left claiming these words can cause significant damage.

“Scrabble” by Hey Paul Studios

The future of family entertainment is woke

While this is definitely a major victory for the woke crowd that has nothing better to do with their free time, the Scrabble community is certainly unhappy with these upcoming changes.

British Spectator columnist and seasoned Scrabble player Jonathan Maitland believes those who play the game and support the change are few and far between.

He added that even if none of the players actually condone the usage of these “offensive” terms, you can’t really remove them from a game focused on vocabulary.

What’s more, Scrabble is a game often played in the comfort of one’s home.

There’s no real point to “banning” words from a game played privately for the most part, just because they’re hurtful in any other context.

The fact is, words can only hurt if one intends them to hurt. It’s exactly why we have friendly banter in sports and why lining up letters to form an otherwise unassuming word shouldn’t ever be remotely considered an issue.

Slurs don’t exist in a vacuum

In fact, the game’s official word compiler, Darryl Francis believes words only become slurs once they’re used with a derogatory purpose or in a certain context or tone that may be found offensive by a certain group of people.

Francis added that removing words from a beloved game for a PR stunt under the guise of social justice is plain wrong.

He said the move itself is nothing more than pointless pandering to the left-leaning crowd, which can never be pleased anyway.

However, the company that owns the game isn’t willing to fight for what the players care about. They’ll gladly take up the woke left on their demands, as removing 400 words is probably easier than dealing with the Twitter storm that would follow if they didn’t.

Just like anything the left gets involved with, those practicing common sense will soon abandon it. Even the “removed” words will still be used in private games, meaning that this overly petty call for change will be of utter insignificance.

In the end, nothing’s changed, and the sooner the left finally figures it out, the sooner they’ll have the next bigoted board game in sight.