Living in New York City is Getting Less Affordable

A rising lack of affordable living costs in America has been a major problem. Inflation has been the driving force behind this, with current prices of gas being a close second.

However, even with inflation and gas prices, there are still certain parts of the country where living is more or less expensive.

In New York City, for instance, living costs are pricing many people out of the market. New York itself has struggled with high prices across the board for quite some time.

This is one of many reasons why so many people left New York last year and moved to red states like Texas and Florida.

Unfortunately, living costs in New York City are getting even less affordable today, according to Breitbart News.

Not a Good Time to Be a New Yorker

Over the past couple of years, many folks left New York City temporarily in order to avoid massive increases in rent prices. However, with lockdowns over and normalcy making a comeback, some of the folks who left the city are returning.

Ironically, these returns are creating the very same problems that certain New Yorkers tried to escape in the first place. To this very day, rent prices in New York City have climbed by 33%.

In New York City, landlords are raising costs because they know properties meant for a couple or small family could possibly contain many times more people than intended.

With rent prices rising, the housing market is following suit. This comes as a major blow to New Yorkers who may have hoped to become homeowners in the nearby future.

More Problems in New York City

Unfortunately, the uptick in rent costs is not the worst of problems in New York City.

To this very day, the community still has a very real crime situation that hasn’t been dealt with. This comes notwithstanding Mayor Eric Adams running his campaign on a commitment to end crime.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Mayor Adams is still forcing children who are five years old and younger to wear face coverings.

This ironically comes against the backdrop of the mayor testing positive for COVID after attending a swanky dinner event in Washington DC.

At this time, New York City has a long way to go before its problems are fully taken care of. Unfortunately, though, the list of problems in the community appears to be getting longer and longer by the day.

What do you think about the increase in rent prices that New Yorkers are up against? Do you think these prices will keep rising or eventually mellow out?

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