Liz Cheney Gives Bombshell Interview to the New York Times

Right now, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is in the home stretch of her primary election campaign. Cheney is facing pushback from the pro-Trump wing of the GOP that wants her defeated and out of office.

This is largely due to her open criticism against the former president, along with her vote in early 2021 for Trump to be impeached over the January 6 Capitol riots.

Cheney, meanwhile, isn’t backing down.

She’s campaigning in Wyoming against a Trump-backed candidate. Also, her campaign just released an ad by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, who ripped Trump as a liar, sore loser, and the greatest threat since America’s inception.

Now, Cheney continues to double down, this time with a recent interview in the New York Times, per The Hill.

What to Know About Cheney’s Interview With the Times

While speaking with the New York Times, the congresswoman affirmed that she’s a lifelong Republican; though she’s not in favor of where the Republican Party stands today.

According to Cheney, the party is going down a ditch that’s going to take a lot of time to come back from.

The congresswoman also isn’t pleased with the rise of GOP Reps. Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert or even with the growing popularity of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Cheney’s gripe with DeSantis comes from her view that the Florida governor’s chosen to cozy up to Trump. The Wyoming Republican, by her own admission, believes this alliance can pose serious hazards.

Her interview with the New York Times comes amid her role on the January 6 committee. Cheney maintains this committee is about getting down to the bottom of all that happened last year and the extent of each individual’s involvement.

Cheney on Her Congressional Race

While Cheney remains more than one dozen points behind lawyer Harriet Hageman, she doesn’t seem all too worried.

The congresswoman also informed the New York Times that she cares more about the Constitution of the United States than staying in the House of Representatives.

Time and time again, Cheney’s been clear that she views Trump as a danger to US democracy and is willing to do her utmost to keep him from getting back into power.

The congresswoman’s remarks about putting the Constitution about her own reelection were also echoed during her latest interview with CNN just earlier this month.

In Dick Cheney’s ad for his daughter’s congressional campaign, he too described stopping Trump as the most critical thing Liz Cheney will ever accomplish.

What do you think about the interview Liz Cheney recently gave to the New York Times? Do you agree with her claims about Ron DeSantis? Please be sure to let us know where you stand in the comments area.