Los Angeles Could Soon Find Itself Without a Police Force

Multiple cities run by left-wing political officials have chosen to defund and diminish their police departments.

They did this after Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other left-wing organizations branded police as racists with vendettas against minorities.

The end result has been rampant upticks in crime, with lawlessness dominating communities. In the wake of surging crime, some cities have walked back their choices to revoke funding for police departments.

However, Los Angeles does not necessarily fall under this umbrella.

The city has a mayoral race underway and candidate Gina Viola has stated one of her core policies is not just defunding, but also abolishing the city’s police department, according to The Blaze.

The End of Policing in Los Angeles?

During an interview earlier this week, Viola made it clear that she doesn’t think policing is necessary. The Los Angeles mayoral candidate then admitted she “eventually” wants to abolish police.

According to Viola, it is her view that healthy and “resourced” communities won’t commit crimes and therefore won’t be in need of law enforcement.

She likewise declared that when people have the necessary resources, they won’t feel the need to resort to crimes like theft.

Needless to say, this is the same mindset that pro-Defund the Police activists had back in 2020 and it didn’t work out so well for communities or law-abiding citizens.

Finally, the Los Angeles mayoral candidate declared that police officers don’t actually stop crime. Viola’s comments come as many people in the Democrat Party, including the president, have conceded that defunding the police isn’t a reasonable policy.

Could Viola Win the Mayoral Election?

At this time, Gina Viola is far from a shoo-in to becoming the next mayor of Los Angeles. Thus far, 40% of city residents have said they’re uncertain about which candidate they support.

With that being said, Los Angeles is a deeply blue city and it has been for quite some time. There is a possibility that Viola would get elected in this community while running on an anti-police platform.

Then again, there may turn out to be some Democratic voters in Los Angeles who are turned off by a candidate who wants to completely dismantle the city’s police force.

This ironically comes at a time when Los Angeles is facing some very real crime problems of its own. If Viola were to get into office and follow through with her plans of abolishing the police department, Los Angeles would very quickly become a real-life Gotham City.

What do you think about a Los Angeles mayoral candidate openly calling for a major city’s police department to be abolished and taken down? We welcome you to share your thoughts about this latest development in the comments area down below.